Sunday, August 1, 2010

I {LOVE} being busy...

Well, with fun things that is.
{I can do with out the dr. apts. and all of that yucky stuff.}
We have been busy, Good busy!!!

We treated our friends to a morning at the Aquarium last Monday.
I LOVE this family.
Jason and Skippy have been friends for over twenty years.
Katie and I hit it off right away and she is always down to play with us!!!
Regan and Belen are total BFF's and cry when they can't spend more time together.
Thy and Bubba have a sweet friendship and have a common love of trains.
Baby G... Well, Baby G is just the Cherry on top of it all!!! :)
(and she will not be to old to wear hairbows for a while... wink!)
Regan showed off her Sea Lion skills to her friends
 and taught them how to play with them.
Then it was time to go and say hi to the birds.
Baby G fell asleep so Katie waited outside for us and I took all of the kids in.
With in no time at all Regan had a "friend".
I had no idea how nervous Ty and Belen were
going to be around our Birdy friends.
{Look at him holding on to his Big sister.}
They worked up the courage to feed the birds
BUT they would not let the birds on them.
{maybe next time.. wink!}
Bubba was very proud of them!!!

It was beautiful and cloudy.
(Am the only person alive that says that??)
So, we decided to go for a walk.

and from there we were off to our next

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aubry. said...

oy vey... next time i go home {san diego} i'm stopping by for a visit. you have too much fun!