Thursday, August 26, 2010

Saying good bye to a good friend {prayers needed}

Saying Good Bye is so hard to do.
Tomorrow Bubba will be going into surgery.....
 surgery number 13 to be exact.
In this surgery they will remove toobie and put a button in it's place.
This is the second step to one of his last surgeries.
Regan felt it only appropriate that we paid
 tribute to Bubba's special friend toobie and have a good bye party.
How can you even begin to tell someone so special in your life Good bye. :)
I can't believe that it has already been three months since Toobie came into our lives.
What has been the hardest part???....
Well, this....(look above) Ol' toobie always wanted to sneak out and be a part of everything.
I had to worry about Bubba crawling and ripping it out of his stomach with his knees.
Yes, no fun BUT it made for funny and most likely inappropriat jokes like..
"Hey Bubba just wanted to show the girls how long his Toobie realy is!"

Regan had us all write good bye notes to Toobie and then we put them up on the wall.
There just aren't words to describe how hard this loss is for our family.... wink!!!!
In all seriousness I want to ask you all for you prayers for our sweet Bubba.
We have complete faith in his team of surgeons and know that everything will go well.
(His team just isn't as cute as the our little surgeon above.. wink!)
I will keep you all updated on our little Hero!


Kristi said...

And boy, his toobie sure is long! ;) What can I say? I'm all for the inappropriate. Good luck to Bubba in his coming surgery!

Anonymous said...

your in my prayers and so is collin and the rest of the family. i know how nerve racking this is for you as a mother. i pray that peace comes to you and healing comes quickly to collin. hugs

The Huss Family said...

We always keep him in our prayers! Everything will be great tomorrow.
Bye Bye Toobie!

Simply Sara said...

you guys are the funnest family ever.
seriously. you make my heart smile!

so glad everything went well in surgery. sorry i read this too late, but your family is in my prayers for continues recovery and many new and wonderful blessings.