Monday, September 2, 2013

2013 Back to School Fashion Show

When Regan was getting ready to start kindergarten she was SUPER excited!!!! Then one day she came to me and said "Mommy I don't want to go to school any more."  I didn't understand this sudden change and asked her why she didn't want to go to school. Her response will forever be imprinted on my brain.... "Mommy......... I ... I don't want to have to punch any boys." I couldn't help it.... I started laughing so hard that tears were soon rolling down my face. You see, Hubs had told Regan that if a  boy tried to kiss her she had to punch him. Well, she took this council to heart and with that came the fear of having to follow through with Daddy's orders. Bless her sweet little heart. So, I had to quickly come up with an idea to reignite the flame of excitement about school. Sunday dinner in  2009 was our first annual Back to School fashion show. It worked like a charm and Regan was once again excited about going to school. Our annual tradition has grown over the years.....2010 to include friends.... 2011..... and family.

Last year there was no Back to School fashion show.

It was too hard....

too soon......

I don't think any of us could have managed to put on a happy face long enough to throw one together.

My sweet girl did not complain once about this. {Oh I love that girl.}

Then about a month ago Regan came up to me and said "Mom do you think we could have the Fashion Show again this year..... I didn't ask for it last year but do you think we can do it this year??"

Bless her sweet heart.

I started to cry at her sweet request.

I had no idea that she had even realized that this tradition was pushed aside as we all grieved.

She did notice though.... and stayed silent.

So, with her simple plea our Back to School tradition was once again in full swing. ;)

The theme this year.....
{every child went home with it.}
There was yummy food.......
BUT the fashion show was the best part!!!
It is hard doing traditions and not having our boy here with us
BUT I take comfort in knowing......
1. Bubba HATED the fashion shows... ;)
2. I have amazing friends that are always there for the good and the bad.
3. Each year this tradition gets bigger and better because we are so very loved.
4.  and most important of all.....
This sweet girl needed it.
I am so grateful for her sweet spirit.....
 and that she was so worried about us last year that she didn't even bring it up....
 BUT I am PROUD of her this year for speaking up and letting me know what she needed.
Some things are the same and so very different at the same time.
I know how important it is to keep up with traditions.
It is hard..... oh it is hard sometimes...
BUT I did hard things for Bubba all of the time.....
and now it is her turn.
Here is to a GREAT school year!!!!!!