Friday, July 30, 2010

I am not THAT kind of gal BUT if I were......

I am not THAT kind of gal that would EVER let anyone yell at my children...
BUT if I were....
I might tell you how fun it is to see Bubba listen to what someone has to say. wink!
I might tell you that his $3,000 hearing aids are so over rated!!
(He refuses to wear them)
If I were THAT kind of gal ....
than I might just need to invest in a bullhorn of my own. wink
BUT since I am not THAT kind of gal I guess there isn't anything else to say!
(Oh, and please don't report me to CPS.... really Bubba is profoundly deaf and this did not hurt him one bit.. wink!!!)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

We love it when family comes to town.....

On Sunday the kids were so excited to see their cousins!!!
(Oh yeah... and Aunt Shawna wink!)
They made the drive down from Utah and are spending the week with us.
We have been busy having FUN!!
The kids ALWAYS end up in the spa at Nana and Papa's house.
Bubba LOVES to be dunked over....
and over again!!!
He is so funny, he can hardly catch his breath but he has a HUGE smile...
Of course! wink!
The biggest reason for the visit this week is.....
this special guy's 8th birthday!!
That's right the big 8.
His parents were nice enough to come to California for his baptism so that we could all be there for it.
Soooo excited for him and so excited that we get to be part of it.
(Bubba would not be able to travel up there.)
We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it when famiy comes to play. You better believe that we have been busy and I have TONS of pictures to catch up on. (sorry for the quality... no computer means no photoshop.)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

OK, I can explain....

My computer CRASHED... Yikes!!!
I know so crummy... right?!?!
So, I have taken over Jason's laptop to TRY to play catch up on my posts.

I LOVE visiting teaching but when you get to do it like this.....
Well, you just can't beat it!!!
I had promised that I would take Regan to the bay and forgot that Kara was coming over.
She sent me a text to make sure we were still on...
OH NO....Do you want to meet us at the bay??
She said yes and we played!
Then on Saturday I got a date with my favorite guy!!! We were so excited since we haven't had a date in a while. We went and saw Salt and loved it!!!
Ok, so that is it for tonight BUT I have so much to catch up on... becuase we are having FUN and enjoying our summer and good days!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I am not THAT kind of gal BUT if I were......

 I am NOT that kind of gal to like video games BUT if I were...

I would tell you how fun it is to see moments like this..
How it makes me feel good to know that he likes something
every other "normal" ten year old boy likes to do.
 (Even if his sweet little fingers can't work the remote.)
I might just tell you how EVERYONE in the family laughs at Mommy becuase
 I always seem to crash off bridges or get beat by my six year old daughter.
If I were THAT kind of gal than I might tell you how sweet these two look cuddled up together playing Mario Cart (Bubba's favorite game.)
If I were THAT kind of gal than I might tell you that I don't
mind Daddy playing his war games with Bubba around any more.
It helps pass the time with his hour long feeds hooked up to a machine.
(Bubba LOVES them, I don't understand it but he does)
I am not THAT kind of gal but if I were I would tell you that
I get teary eyed when I see this amazing big
sister help her little BIG brother play video games.
They have fun together, they laugh.

BUT since I am not THAT kind of gal to ever allow video games in my home
 than I guess there is nothing more to say here...... WINK!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

"Mommy, I miss my friends...."

Regan said this to me the other day.
"Mommy, I miss my friends"
I was surprised by this becuase we have had a lot of play dates and time with friends lately.
So, I asked her which friends she was talking about.
"My friends at the Aquarium!!"
"OHHHHH!!!!"... I said to her.
I mean it has been like  a week and a half since our last trip to the Aquarium..... what was I thinking!
She NEEDS to see her friends.
Yesterday before swim class we stopped by to say hi to some very special friends.
Not only did Regan miss them BUT it was obvious that they have missed her as well.
I am not even kidding when I say that she gets these sweet little ones to play with her EVERY time we go.
Well, unless they are doing a show of course.
We have a friend that is a diver at the Aquarium and she taught Regan a fun game to play with them.
One day we forgot our ball and realized that they love Mommy's lense cap just as much.
(it has to be a Nikon lense cap... sorry Cannon just won't cut it! wink)
What does Bubba think of all of this you ask???....
Well, see for yourself....
Then it was off to say Hi to her other friends.
Again, they came right to her and must have missed her as much as she was missing them.
Bubba LOVES the birds.
It is his FAVORITE thing in the entire Aquarium.
It was a fun trip to say hi to some good ol' friends.
Next time we won't wait SOOO long before visits! wink!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Ok, I need your help Moms out there.
We are having major water issues over here.
Regan LOVES the water but is not water safe at all.
She loves to  play in it the backyard and stick her toes in it at the beach BUT put her face in.... no way!
I thought I had the perfect solution but if fell through and I had to scramble at the last minute to find a class.
It is an indoor pool right off of the ocean close to our home.
Here is the issue......
I need someone to PUSH her.
I am not getting it from the sweet young man that is teaching her.
Do any of you know a miracle teacher???????
She NEEDS to learn to swim, she is six years old for heaven sakes.
I think this class will be fun..... but I am not sure she will walk away learning to swim or really over coming any big fears.
First day of swim and she was soooo excited!!!
Bubba and Great Grandma Jo came to cheer on our little girl!!
This is day two.... they were in the deep in the entire time.
Can you see the fear on her sweet little face???
Then it came time to go off the diving board and she had a total panic attack/ break down. :(
I felt so bad. So, we gave her a pep talk and her teacher told her he would do it with her.
She did it!
(but only one time)
Speaking of swimming.....
We have been having tons of fun in the backyard.
Now, how can I get her to do this in the BIG pool?????
The other day Bubba was feeling well enough to join the girls in the pool....
Ummmm.... Can you see how excited they all were!!!
Bubba LOVED watching the girls jump in the pool and did not want to be left out.
The higher he "jumped" the bigger his smile got.