Sunday, December 23, 2007

What a perfect day!

Today started off as one of those days. You know what kind of morning I am talking about. Collin had a hard night and was in a good amount of pain. (That means... not much sleep for me.) Regan decided to wake up at 6:30 am. Jason's LB office started calling with problems at 6:30 and stressing daddy and us all out. We were afraid that he would have to go into the office. Then when Regan, Collin, and I were playing ball Regan laughed so hard she peed herself. (Ok, so that wasn't bad... it was actually cute that they were laughing so hard.) Then Regan Tore a HUGE whole in her new and only pair of black tights to wear for Christmas Sunday. Then Regan some how got poop... yes poop on her new skirt when she was going to the bathroom. Ok, so here I am washing her skirt in the sink and then trying to dry it in time. THEN Collin starts throwing up. On the way to Church I was stressing about the Christmas Musical program that we had put together and just hoping and praying that it worked out.

So, we show up to church and then my day just changed!! Jason had to speak in between the musical numbers and Nana and PaPa were singing. This means that I had both of the kids by myself. ... What if Collin needs to leave or starts to have a seizure and throw up?? No, it was just the opposite. Collin did amazing as one his angels played with him. One of the back like lights kept flickering on and off. (bulb was going out) Collin thought that it was great! The music presentation was AMAZING!!!! Collin and Regan both enjoyed it and I was able to stay and enjoy the entire sacrament! The spirit was so strong!!!! After Church Max, Crystal's husband, was baptized. What an wonderful day for their little family! The baptistery was overflowing as well as our hearts as we felt the spirit. OH! It was so great!!!! Then, if that wasn't enough of a perfect day we decided to go to the L.A. Temple with Nana, PaPa, Tio Max, Aunt Crystal, and baby Andrea. It was so beautiful! Who would have thought that a day that started off with such a crazy morning could have turned out to be such a perfect day!

What a wonderful day!

All of the family that came to support Tio Max!

The kids LOVED the lights at the Temple!

Friday, December 21, 2007

What a wonderful time of year!

We went to our ward Christmas party last Friday. Collin was having a hard time and did not want to be there. Regan was VERY excited to see Santa!! Jason skipped out early to go to a softball game with all of the boys... heaven for bid he miss a game.. wink!

Collin and PaPa

The Presley Clan!

Yesterday we received a package for Collin (and Regan) from Eli's Angels. THANK YOU!!! Eli's Angels is an amazing charity that realizes the difficult struggles that sweet children like Collin face daily. They send him Cheer mail of cards and books. At Christmas time they send a special package. Ann the founder of Eli's Angel is an AMAZING woman. She lost her sweet little boy Eli to an awful illness and during all of their struggles she started this charity in his name! We love you!! If you are interested in helping or adopting a child please go to ...

Maybe we are going to too many Christmas parties or something! Regan is in the Hostess mood! Today she hosted a Tea party for Barbie and myself! It was lovely notice the Cheetos and water!! What can I say she goes all out!

Friday, December 14, 2007

A few things that I am LOVING right now!

There are several things that I am in love with right now!!! My mom got Regan this responsibility chart! I love it because she loves it!!! She wakes up and wants to make her bed, brush her teeth, and others to earn dots to put on her chart! It has helped out with several battles that we were having! I LOVE IT! Thanks poppie!!

I LOVE this shirt of Collin's!!! I got him several Christmas shirts but I have to say that this one is my favorite!! He is such a stud!!

I am LOVING my alone time with Regan. I got four years of alone time with Collin and I am soaking up every bit of my days alone with Regan before she starts school next year. :( They get so big so quick!!!

Arroyo family photo shoot!

Today I had the pleasure of photographing the Arroyo family. She asked me to take their Christmas pictures. They were troopers when I suggested going to the railroad tracks to give the pictures lots of wonderful texture! I think they turned out great! Considering that both of the girls were tired and hungry... I think they turned out perfect!wink! Ce-Ce you are an awesome friend! I feel so lucky to have you in my life!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

We did it!

We did it! We finally decided which school We are going to have Collin transfer ed to!! What a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders! For those of you that don't know I have been fighting the school district for a bit now. Collin's classroom (school) is having some problems with staffing for spe. ed. They have had an aid in his classroom that is not competent. He is a VERY sweet man and would be a wonderful grandparent volunteer but he is a liability and a huge risk. (Collin even fell out of his wheel chair because he was not buckled in!!!!) Anyways, after fighting the principal , who does not have spe. ed as a priority at all!!!, talking the teacher, district, and so forth it became apparent that they were more problems than I had originally thought. ( His IEP objectives aren't being worked on, there are to many personal issues interfering with the school, ect. ) I ended up seeking council from and advocate friend of the families that is a bull dog! (Thank you Maria!) As soon as the School District found out that we had a rep they all of a sudden changed their tune and wanted to do anything to keep us from going to the state level. So, after lots of prayers, fasting, and research we decided to just change Collin's school. I don't care for the teacher that Collin would have in 3rd-5th so this was my opportunity to get school of choice. I went with the district rep and looked at the other schools that were his options. I prefer ed one school that was in a less desirable neighborhood BUT the other school that we were thinking about ,that was also a good school, was in walking in distance from the new office that Jason just opened up. So, if there were an emergency .. earthquake, seizures,.. you name it, he would be right there! The second school ended up being our choice and the older teacher has worked with Collin before in summer school and I really liked him. Yeah!! I am so glad to be done with that!!!

Last night for FHE we walked around Naples and looked at the Christmas lights. We invited the Arroyo family, Nana and Papa, and Jason's little sister Crystal and her little family. It was lots of fun! What a fun Cold night!!! Nope no hot chocolate for us! After looking at lights we got milk shakes! wink!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

The latest and greatest in the Presley House!

Get ready this is going to be a long one! We have had a lot going on around here and I have not been diligent about keeping up with this! It is that time of year and it seems like there is always something to do to keep us busy! Shawna came to visit from Utah with her littlest Sydney. We had a blast with them. While they were here we had a girls cookie day, went to Disney Land on Nana's Birthday, and baby Sydney was blessed! What an exciting weekend!

Collin lost his eighth tooth last night! I LOVE that BIG
toothless smile of his! It is just to cute!

Today Regan hosted her very first Christmas party. They made ornaments, decorated cookies, and exchanged stockings. It was a very exciting morning! Here are some of my favorite pictures from the morning!

And no matter what happens at the end of the day the girls end up in dress up clothing!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

We love rainy days!!

Oh, I love rainy days! Growing up in the south I often fell asleep to the sound of rain and thunder. It's a little peice of home. Regan and I took full advantage of our rare rainy day! We jumped in every puddle that we could find and we laughed and chased each other until our sides hurt!! We had a picnic inside and did nothing! I LOVE days like this!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving From the Presley Family!!

Our day started off with what else but.... yes.. Turkey Bowl!!

Of course we had Turkey!!!

Here are some of my favorite moments from the day!

Collin was having a bad day and was in a good amount of pain today. So, we had to call it early and did not go to Aunt Sue's for Pies! :( Oh well, That's life! We did enjoy the time that we were able to spend with family!