Sunday, December 23, 2007

What a perfect day!

Today started off as one of those days. You know what kind of morning I am talking about. Collin had a hard night and was in a good amount of pain. (That means... not much sleep for me.) Regan decided to wake up at 6:30 am. Jason's LB office started calling with problems at 6:30 and stressing daddy and us all out. We were afraid that he would have to go into the office. Then when Regan, Collin, and I were playing ball Regan laughed so hard she peed herself. (Ok, so that wasn't bad... it was actually cute that they were laughing so hard.) Then Regan Tore a HUGE whole in her new and only pair of black tights to wear for Christmas Sunday. Then Regan some how got poop... yes poop on her new skirt when she was going to the bathroom. Ok, so here I am washing her skirt in the sink and then trying to dry it in time. THEN Collin starts throwing up. On the way to Church I was stressing about the Christmas Musical program that we had put together and just hoping and praying that it worked out.

So, we show up to church and then my day just changed!! Jason had to speak in between the musical numbers and Nana and PaPa were singing. This means that I had both of the kids by myself. ... What if Collin needs to leave or starts to have a seizure and throw up?? No, it was just the opposite. Collin did amazing as one his angels played with him. One of the back like lights kept flickering on and off. (bulb was going out) Collin thought that it was great! The music presentation was AMAZING!!!! Collin and Regan both enjoyed it and I was able to stay and enjoy the entire sacrament! The spirit was so strong!!!! After Church Max, Crystal's husband, was baptized. What an wonderful day for their little family! The baptistery was overflowing as well as our hearts as we felt the spirit. OH! It was so great!!!! Then, if that wasn't enough of a perfect day we decided to go to the L.A. Temple with Nana, PaPa, Tio Max, Aunt Crystal, and baby Andrea. It was so beautiful! Who would have thought that a day that started off with such a crazy morning could have turned out to be such a perfect day!

What a wonderful day!

All of the family that came to support Tio Max!

The kids LOVED the lights at the Temple!

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Kyleen said...

Merry Christmas Presley family!