Wednesday, June 19, 2013

{Even nine year old girls can be an answer to prayer.}

In all of the fun of moving we had a garage sale and Regan wanted to have a Lemonade Stand.

I told her that this was a great idea and then we started talking about why she wanted to have a Lemonade Stand....

I want.....
I need.....
I want......

At this point in our conversation I stopped her and reminded her of all  that she had... of all that she was already getting rid of at the garage sale because she had to much....  and then asked her if she really NEEDED or WANTED those things still.

At this point we decided that it would be a good idea to have the Lemonade Stand to raise money for something or someone that truly NEEDED the money.

Regan decided that she wanted to raise money for Sofi.
Our friends are adopting this sweet little girl, Sofi, from Bulgaria later this year. Just like one of her five big brothers she was born with Spina Bifida. The adoption process to bring sweet Sofi home is very expensive and Sofi's wonderful family has done a ton of fundraising to get the money to BRING her HOME! Regan felt inspired to use her Lemonade Stand to help bring Sofi Home!
Oh that sweet girl of mine has a heart of gold.
  We had lots of friends and family stop by to support Regan and her efforts to raise money for Sofi.

Three of Sofi's big brothers stopped by to get some awesome lemonade. ;)
At the end of the day Regan managed to raise $50 for Sofi's adoption with her Lemonade Stand. When my Mom found out about what Regan was doing she told her that she would double what ever she made... making her grand total $100!
Regan was excited about raising $100 and then asked me how much it would cost to bring Sofi home. She was discouraged when I told her how much money was needed. She then responded with "well... my 100 bucks wont do much will it??"  I assured her that every bit of money that went to Sofi's adoption was important.
Monday we were finally able to connect with Sofi's Mommy and give her the money that Regan raised.
I was moved to tears as I listened to our sweet friend explain to Regan that she was an answer to her prayers. She told her that it was pay day soon and that they didn't have much money.... that there was a VERY important letter that she needed to get filed for Sofi's adoption and that she didn't have the money for. This letter would cost her $100. Regan's donation was exactly what she needed to file this important paper work and keep the process of bringing Sofi home moving forward.
I don't think Regan truly understands what a blessing she was on this day to sweet Sofi but I am hoping that one day she will realize what a special experience this truly was. I am grateful for my sweet girl's giving heart and for the gentle reminder that we can all be tools in God's hands as he uses us to answer the prayers of those around us.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Team Bubba Toy Drive

On July 4th we would be celebrating our sweet Bubba's 13th birthday. It will be our first year of not having him to celebrate with us here on earth. It is going to be hard. We want to do something special in his name. So, Team Bubba is holding a toy drive to honor our American Hero, Bubba, starting tomorrow June 17, 2013 until July 4, 2013. All of the toys collected in the toy drive will be donated to Bubba's hospital, Miller Children's Hospital in Long Beach Ca. I will have a box on our front porch that you can drop off new unwrapped toys in. If you would like to mail gift cards I have a sweet little girl that will happily do the toy shopping for you. Please message me for our address if you do not have it or for further information about the first annual Team Bubba Toy Drive.
{Don't forget we have moved!!! ;}

  "By doing small acts of kindness we can do great things!"

Also if you want some ideas about what would be good to donate please follow this LINK. The wonderful people from child life give you wonderful ideas. Thank you so much!!!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dear Daddy....

Dear Daddy,

It is your first Father’s Day without me and I know it will be hard. I have watched your cry so many times and want to remind you Daddy that it is because of you, my best buddy, that I had such a fun life. You and Mommy were told that I would most likely not make it to my first birthday and not to hold out much hope for my future, that I would be a vegetable. You and Mommy chose hope. You chose me! Thank you Daddy! I saw a lot of my sick friends who didn’t have Daddy’s… it was too hard for them and they hit the road… not my Daddy. Thank you Daddy! You helped me break the limits of my body by throwing me down the slip n slide, holding me in your arms in the bounce house, pushing my wheel chair fast so I could feel like I was running, carried me on your shoulders so that I could feel tall, held my hand at the doctors, took me swimming, sang to me, prayed for me… oh yes Daddy, I heard your prayers at night while you held me in your arms, took me on father son camp outs even though I know it was a lot of work for you, wiped away my tears when it hurt so bad, took me ice skating and let me watch the Zamboni over and over again, let me play call of duty with you and mess up your games, you took me on roller coasters when Mommy was to scared, you rocked me to sleep at night even when I was a twelve year old boy, you turned my walker into a hot air balloon for Halloween… who does that!?!?!... My Daddy! You came to my school and cheered for me at my fifth grade graduation like I had really accomplished something, you took me to ride the city bus, you held me up high so that I could reach the monkey bars, you would break me out of my room at the hospital and let me ride the elevators up and down, you changed my diapers and fed me for twelve years Daddy…. That it is love.

I know that today will be hard and you will miss me so much. So I got a little help from Mommy to remind you that you never wasted a single second with me. You are the best Daddy there has ever been…. I knew that when I picked you! I miss you too Daddy and can’t wait to tell you with words for the very first time how much I love you! I can’t wait to run into your arms! I have put in a good word for you here in Heaven Daddy and there is only one place that is good enough for a Dad like you… and that is right next to me.

Happy Father’s Day to the best Daddy that a little buddy has ever had!!

I love you Daddy!