Wednesday, June 19, 2013

{Even nine year old girls can be an answer to prayer.}

In all of the fun of moving we had a garage sale and Regan wanted to have a Lemonade Stand.

I told her that this was a great idea and then we started talking about why she wanted to have a Lemonade Stand....

I want.....
I need.....
I want......

At this point in our conversation I stopped her and reminded her of all  that she had... of all that she was already getting rid of at the garage sale because she had to much....  and then asked her if she really NEEDED or WANTED those things still.

At this point we decided that it would be a good idea to have the Lemonade Stand to raise money for something or someone that truly NEEDED the money.

Regan decided that she wanted to raise money for Sofi.
Our friends are adopting this sweet little girl, Sofi, from Bulgaria later this year. Just like one of her five big brothers she was born with Spina Bifida. The adoption process to bring sweet Sofi home is very expensive and Sofi's wonderful family has done a ton of fundraising to get the money to BRING her HOME! Regan felt inspired to use her Lemonade Stand to help bring Sofi Home!
Oh that sweet girl of mine has a heart of gold.
  We had lots of friends and family stop by to support Regan and her efforts to raise money for Sofi.

Three of Sofi's big brothers stopped by to get some awesome lemonade. ;)
At the end of the day Regan managed to raise $50 for Sofi's adoption with her Lemonade Stand. When my Mom found out about what Regan was doing she told her that she would double what ever she made... making her grand total $100!
Regan was excited about raising $100 and then asked me how much it would cost to bring Sofi home. She was discouraged when I told her how much money was needed. She then responded with "well... my 100 bucks wont do much will it??"  I assured her that every bit of money that went to Sofi's adoption was important.
Monday we were finally able to connect with Sofi's Mommy and give her the money that Regan raised.
I was moved to tears as I listened to our sweet friend explain to Regan that she was an answer to her prayers. She told her that it was pay day soon and that they didn't have much money.... that there was a VERY important letter that she needed to get filed for Sofi's adoption and that she didn't have the money for. This letter would cost her $100. Regan's donation was exactly what she needed to file this important paper work and keep the process of bringing Sofi home moving forward.
I don't think Regan truly understands what a blessing she was on this day to sweet Sofi but I am hoping that one day she will realize what a special experience this truly was. I am grateful for my sweet girl's giving heart and for the gentle reminder that we can all be tools in God's hands as he uses us to answer the prayers of those around us.


Susan said...

God's stars really aligned on this one, didn't they? Such a BIG DEAL for Regan to be the one to provide such an important part of this process to bring Sofi home! How wonderful! My parents taught us the distinction between wanting and needing, and to this day, I am unencumbered with "stuff" I wanted but didn't need. I passed that lesson on to my children as well, and am happy to see them teaching their children the same principles. It's a very important lesson that results in learning how joyful it is to spend the money on something meaningful, as Regan did. That kind of joy lasts longer than the fleeting happiness over acquiring an unneeded "thing" that too quickly loses the purchaser's attention. You're doing a great job as a parent to guide her to the right path. Kudos, Julie! Her lemonade stand made a big difference to someone in need! Regan is a precious gem!

The Gray Family said...

love this...what a wonderful thing :>)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Bubba!!

xxoo Mrs. Pam