Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer bucket list..........

Oh my heavens y'all!!!

It has been a MONTH since I last posted!!!!!

Things have been crazy around here and I have been slacking on the blog.


I am so behind and don't even know where to begin.....

seriously y'all this is BAD!!!

{It will take several posts to catch up so let's start with the fun stuff.}

At the beginning of Summer each year we make a summer bucket list.

This years bucket list......

we are only 5 weeks into summer and we are checking things off left and right.....

Disneyland {check}
We have an amazing and talented friend that is in the Aladdin show at Disneyland and hooked us up with VIP tickets and backstage passes!!! {WHAT!?!?!}

 Science Museum {check}


Beach {check}
We are at the beach ALL of the time so that one is EASY ;)


Movie Days {check}

See Monster's University {check}
We took the train into Hollywood..... 
and watched the movie at El Capitan theatre. ;) 
Hubs met us there after work.....
and was nice enough to give us a ride home ;) 
Make S'mores {check}
Met up with some amazing friends at the beach and got our bonfire on!!! ;)

sleep over/ funky junky night {check}
Slip n slide {check}
fire station tour {check}

Book club {check}

So, as you can see we have been BUSY and will keep up this pace all summer.
What's my bucket list you ask????.....
These two are my bucket list ;)

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