Friday, November 1, 2013


Oh my goodness y'all!!! I am so behind on my posts and there aren't any good excuses. Ok... so maybe I am coaching Regan's volley tennis team {who knew that volley tennis was a sport!!?!?}... more on that later. Maybe I am getting stuff together for the Team Bubba pillow case drive.... maybe I am teaching art in Regan's school.... and maybe I have been doing shoots.... BUT those aren't good excuses.... I need a post ASAP!!!

Here are some Halloween pictures to tide you over and until I sit down and write out everything that is on my mind. ;)

Regan had some friends over for a fun dia de los muertos  make over/ photo shoot party and the kids had a blast!!! My talented and AMAZING friend Ce Ce did all of the girl's make up!!!!

My AMAZINGLY talented mother took Regan's drawing of what she wanted her costume to look like and turned it into reality!!! Poppie did the dress and I did the hat.... complete "pretty" yellow witch success!
She told me .... I don't want to be a green ugly witch I want to be a pretty one.
So, I spent some time on google looking up "pretty witch" make up and
this was what I came up with.


Halloween is hard for me.

We always had so much fun decorating Bubba's walker and picking out the perfect costume for him.

Oh I miss him so much.
My heart hurts with every breath.
One day I just BROKE down....
and before I even realized what I was doing I was driving to my friend's home.
I showed up on her door step broken.
I am lucky to have such sweet friends that love me, hug me during my break downs, and act as if me asking them to go with me to decorate Bubba's grave is a normal request.
They say that it gets easier with time....
THEY are wrong.
It doesn't get easier.... maybe a little more bearable but not easier.
This is our second Halloween with out our boy and it still hurts.
Oh how it hurts but with the help of great friends, that sweet little girl of mine... and my best friend we push through the hurt and reach for beautiful moments.
Beautiful moments that make me grateful for each and every day I have with my sweet little girl.
Beautiful moments that make me want to live each second with her and not regret a moment wasted.


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Susan said...

What a beautiful little witch! She's the prettiest one I've ever seen. And I love the Dia de los meurtos faces! Your friend could make a living doing that make-up at Halloween now that it's so popular.

My heart breaks every time I think about how much you are missing Bubba. I know that sometimes it just isn't enough to think about him as being healed now, that pain of loss still wangles its way in every day. And it's such gut-wrenching pain, I know, missing him. You are still in the early stages of your loss and while it is hard to believe that it will get easier, your friends are correct. After a long time, it will. You are doing the best you can for now, though, honoring Bubba with the pillow case drive, and making sure that Regan has all the love and attention she needs. Keep living those beautiful moments and don't apologize for not posting. It sounds as if you are VERY busy, but you also need to take that time for yourself to just heal. That's a big job in itself. I'm praying that the good things in your days will always be abundant and apparent so that you keep the balance you need. You've always been wise enough to know how to look, with gratitude, at your life.