Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Fun part 2!

We had an indoor Easter Egg hunt at Nana and Pa Pa's house so that Collin could be included. They both had fun. Collin liked throwing the eggs at people when he found them! Some how Regan ended up with a lot more eggs than Collin. I don't think he cared though! wink!!

After dinner we had a very yummy birthday cheese cake! Regan helped me blow out my candle!!!

One of my favorite things about this Easter..... Collin seemed to have a smile on his face all day.

Nana made Regan and her baby cousin Andrea matching dress for Easter. They were so beautiful! Of course I had to make matching bows to go with... wink! Nana made a matching dress for Sydney in Utah as well... if only we could have gotten all of the girls together!!!

OK, so this is the only family pic. we could get... nope not good. We all look awful..but I like it because it is a our crazy little family!

On Saturday we invited Nana and Pa Pa over to color Easter Egg. We had a lots of fun making a BIG mess!

Easter Fun!

We me up with some of our friends at the park
for an Easter Egg hunt last week! It was LOTS of fun! The kids had a blast!!



Show me your eggs!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Let me introduce you to I-Pod

Let me take this opportunity to introduce you to I-Pod. Have you ever seen the movie Radio? Well, if you have not than I highly recommend going out and renting it as soon as you can. It is an amazing movie about a very sweet man that is disabled and lives in a time and town that are not understanding of his disabilities. As the movie continues you see him win over the entire town. When he first met the coach he had a radio with him, his obsession, and that is what the coach proceeded to call him since he did not know his name. Even after learning his name everyone called him Radio as a nick name. Well, here is our sweet modern day version of Radio. Collin LOVES his little child's I-Pod that plays classical music. He takes it with him EVERY where that he goes. It is his friend and he is happy to see it after a long day at school. It calms him when he is in an uncomfortable situation. He wins over total strangers as they watch him laughing and smiling to the beautiful notes that comes out as he listens to all of the great melodies of his classical music. So, he is our little I-Pod. A sweet amazing little boy that LOVES music. He has a way of touching everyone that he meets and breaks down walls and stereotypes of what "one of those kids" are really like. I am so grateful for the constant sound of music in our home!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

LOTS of mommy time!!!

Regan has needed some extra mommy time. With all of Collin's dr. apts and the talk of his surgeries. She has been going here and there and needed some special mommy time. So, we made up for it double time this week! We met up with Katie and Mandy at California Adventure the other day while Collin was in school. It was so much fun!! Regan was very excited to get a new bunny build a bear!!

We decided to throw a garden party at our house. We gave each of the girls gloves and hats with their invites. It was such a fun mother/daughter tea party! We had to move it inside since the weather didn't look so great in the morning. We still had LOTS of fun!! Thanks everyone!

My invited me to come up for a girls weekend for my birthday. Well, you know what that means. None stop shopping! wink!! We had a blast spending time with Poppie. I was also very excited to go and see my friend Kim. We have not seen each other in YEARS. When we got the high desert I stopped by her parents house and of course she was not there!!! Bummer right!! Regan and I left from there and went to my mom's house. We had so much fun shopping and eating way to much food. Regan and I got spoiled!! So, we planned on stopping by Kim's parents house. Well, we walked out of the store and it was snowing!!! Yes.. in just a matter of minutes it was snowing and of course I was in flip flops not jacket... my poor daughter was in carpi's. Well, luckily mom had an extra jacket I stole and we had just bought her the day before in the car. Regan has been dying to see snow. Well, the snow with the wind wasn't much fun. I asked her if she liked it and she said no way it was to cold!! (Can you tell she is a beach girl??? wink!) I had to hurry up and decide... do I leave now before it gets dark and freezes over or do I stay the night and take me chances. I decided to go ahead and drive home. The pictures are what I had to deal with on the 15!! Crazy... it's March!!! So, I missed seeing my friend Kim... I am bummed :( Next time I promise!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A couple of posts in one!

It has been a fun couple of weeks in the Presley house. Here are a few high lights of our past week!! Enjoy!!!

We love our friends and spending time with them!!

It was crazy hair day at Collin's school last week. So, I have him a mo-hawk! He's the coolest kid out there... he could rock any hair style!!

Regan called my mom and asked her to send her some mail since Collin got some cheer mail. She sent her the coolest BINGO disney game! We love it!!!

Regan kept calling me Diva momma the other day. I finally asked her why she was calling me Diva momma... "Cause you where sunglasses.. you a Diva momma!" Ok, so let me explain. Saturday I went and got my eyes checked and got toric contacts that feel ok ... I have not been able to find a pair that feels ok in years. So, it has been fun not wearing glasses. There are pluses and minuses to it. Plus... Sun glasses.. dugh! Minus.. not having my glasses to help hide my dark circles under my eyes from 7 1/2 years of no sleep. The price I would have to pay to get rid of my circles are just not worth it. One day I was complaing to a friend, whos's daughter had died the year before, about not getting sleep becuase Collin was up in pain all night. Her sweet reply was "I would give anything for a sleepless night." Yes, that one little coment changed the was that I look at my wonderful dark circles!