Saturday, March 1, 2008

We love it when family comes to play!

Uncle Bubba (my big brother) and his beautiful girlfriend Tammy. Came to visit from Texas yesterday. When they got here yesterday Collin was having seizures and was not doing well. So, it was a nice surprise that Collin woke up feeling great and ready to go today! It was a Collin day. LOTS of clouds and no UV!! We took advantage of it and took them to Santamonica Promenade. We had a blast!!! Tomorrow they will be joining us in the Marathon!!! We love it when family comes to play!!!

We played lots of fun games on the Pier, ate lunch, listened to music, and of course got prizes!!

Tammy won this guitar for Collin. He LOVED it. He would not let go of it!

Of course our day would not have been complete with out a ride on the ponies!!

This how our day ended. It was so much fun!!!


Titel Troop said...

Hi Julie!
Tell Jason yes my Dad does still live in the Garage! lol and pays us rent too! He's retired now so he's been traveling and staying with my sister in Arizona and visting family in South Carolina. David Williford used to always stop by and vist with us before he got married. I haven't seen him in a few years though. And as for the pictures of me....I am always the one taking the photos!! I will have to get some of me.....we don't have a current family photo, that's on the to do list. I will post our old one. Well I'm glad to see everyone is doing so good! Thanks for your comment!!

Mandi Titel

Christamae said...

It's great that you have been having so much family fun! I hope Collin's teeth heal well. Wishes for a week filled with good days!


Amy and family said...

It looks like y'all had a great time!
I'm glad that all of you were able to spend some time with your extended family. P.S. I hope that Collin's teeth are feeling better.