Thursday, August 30, 2012


A daily climb 

Each new day brings with it a new mountain to climb. Every day I wake up and decide how strong I feel and how big of a climb I can make that day. Lately, I have only been conquering tiny little mountains because I haven’t been up for the climb of a big one. I have stayed away from our usual stores and restaurants, avoiding the looming questions like “Where’s Bubba?” or “How’s our boy doing today?” I have not gone through any of Bubba’s things yet, other than his medical equipment that needed to be picked up because of insurance. I plan on doing that after Regan starts back to school. So, other than going to Church {which was emotionally draining} I haven’t chosen to conquer any huge mountains.

Until today that is.

Regan received a very kind gift from my Uncle Terry and Aunt Susan, a gift card to Build A Bear. She has been begging to go from the second she opened the card. ;-) Nana, Ms. Sherrie, and I took Regan to Build A Bear on Monday so that she could make a new friend. She was in Heaven! While we were there we decided to also make a new cuddly friend for one of Bubba’s friends who was just hospitalized. When we saw the dog we knew it would be the perfect gift since she has been begging her mom for a real one FOREVER. ;-) After stuffing our new friends we headed to lunch and then called it a day. {Disneyland was in close distance but that was more than this Mommy could handle that day.}
Regan's new friend

Making Liz's new friend.


Why did we want to get this young warrior a special gift you ask? You see this amazing girl has not only been a great friend to Bubba but also to Regan. When we returned home from our trip the first stop that we made was to see Bubba at the cemetery. When we walked up to his special spot there was a big red heart balloon that this BIG hearted friend had insisted on bringing. There were also necklaces with Regan’s name on them from her as well. When we pulled up to our home the front door had a big sign welcoming us home from her as well and lots of happy balloons. This sweet young lady went out of her way to make Regan’s home coming as happy and bright as possible.


So, I sent our friend’s Mommy a text and let her know what we were doing. She quickly responded by saying that she loved it but not to push myself by coming to see them before I was ready. Ah, what a smart friend. ;-) I wasn’t ready Monday… Tuesday… Wednesday…. And then today came.


I woke up and felt a little stronger and felt the need that to go, today would be the day that we would go and visit our friend. I prayed and then asked my Bubba to help me through this one. I knew that this was going to be a HUGE mountain to climb.  I asked Regan if she wanted to go with me and she quickly responded with “of course I want to go mom!”


Today was the first time that I have been back to “Bubba’s” hospital since I left it empty handed twenty one days ago.  The massive height of this mountain was made clear from the second that I stepped into the front door. At the front desk was one of Bubba’s girlfriends, a sweet lady that loved him and that he loved flirting with. When we stepped up and told her where we were going she looked at Regan and me and then looked up at me and asked “Where’s my boy??” Tears filled my eyes as I told her that her boyfriend had passed away. While we were talking one our buddies from admin walked up and said “Hey, we haven’t seen you guys in a while… where’s my friend??” I didn’t answer right away. I was trying so hard not to break down in the foyer of the hospital. He looked at me and then asked me if I was ok. Our friend “the secretary” grabbed his hand and gave it a squeeze. He looked at me and I just nodded. The three of us had a silent moment followed by hugs. They could tell that I was trying to be strong for Regan and were very sweet.


It would have been so easy to turn and run. No one would have blamed me, right? In that moment I felt a sweet nudge, no doubt from my boy, letting me know that it would be ok. On the walk across the hospital to her room I was able to pull myself together, grateful that we did not run into any other friends. Before opening the door I begged my sweet Bubba to help me and quickly put a smile on my face. Regan and I walked in the room and as soon as we made eye contact our little warrior friend started to smile. Regan quickly gave her our presents and explained why we got the dog… we are all working on her mom to get her that darn dog she’s been promising. HINT HINT. ;-) Liz pulled out her pictures from her trip to Boston and went through every single one of them with us as she laughed and told us stories about them. I looked over to see our sweet friend’s Mommas eyes filled with tears but didn’t give it much thought. Regan and I had only planned on staying a few minutes but we ended up being there around two hours. The time just flew by and I didn’t even realize it until Hubs started texting me, worried about me.


After all of the pictures had been discussed we said our good byes and made our way home. I was amazed at how “easy” and wonderful the visit had ended up being. I walked away feeling so happy and blessed by the extra strength my Bubba gave me in those few hours.


Later I received this message from Liz’s Momma….

"Julie, your visit was such a blessing to Liz; she hadn't talked to us and has been so upset since last night. Like a switch turned on, it was amazing how she perked up and didn't stop talking once you and Regan got here. The nurses and child life are talking about how much you two made her snap out of her funk. Grateful!! I can only imagine how difficult coming here was and I pray that in some small way this visit gave you a tiny bit in your process. As painful as it must have been, once again, even in your pain, you (and your Bubba) brought comfort to someone. Love you guys.
PS- in response to what you wrote on the card, Liz read it and said "I know he was here" : ) Such hard things that have brought such wonderful friends into our lives. "

So, the tears started again. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for MY sweet little angel that pushed me to keep going despite how hard the climb started. That sweet angle of mine new that his friend was having a hard time and was angry, he knew that a smile could make all of the difference.  I am grateful for this crummy hard road that we have traveled over the past twelve years because it has brought amazing people into our lives. I am grateful for my sweet little girl that new that comedy and a smile would make all the difference. I LOVE that Regan isn’t fazed one bit by a hospital room. I LOVE that she was wanted to pass on the smile that her sweet friend had given her the day that we came home from our trip. I am grateful that I am still learning from my sweet boy.

 I LOVE how easy it is to forget your worries when you are in the service of others.  

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
Mahatma Gandhi

I desperately miss the service that I was able to give my sweet Bubba on a daily basis but I am grateful that he is making sure to find acts of service that I can still do. :-)

“The best antidote I know for worry is work. The best cure for weariness is the challenge of helping someone who is even more tired. One of the great ironies of life is this: He or she who serves almost always benefits more than he or she who is served.”
Gordon B. Hinckley,

Today I was blessed beyond measure by a brave sweet young woman.

One mountain down…. A million more to climb.

Hey, speaking of service... {insert perfect moment for a plug} we are having our first service project in Bubba's name. We were planning on doing this "before" but now want to do it on an even bigger scale! We are having a pillow case drive. You see the wonderful child life, the fun people at the hospital that play games, bring movies, and spoil the kids with presents, said that they could use some pillow cases.  Well, we want to overwhelm them with pillow cases in Bubba's name. ;-) The reason why they {and us parents} love the pillow cases is because it just cheers up the room, something as simple as a pillow case can make a big difference. So, what am I asking? Get out your sewing machines people and get to work... wink! Look, a pillow case is the easiest thing you can make.  Grab some kid friendly, fun, and bright fabric and sew a couple simple straight lines. ;-) Ok, so for those of you that don't want to sew... watch for sales and buy some fun kids pillow cases and them send them our way. I can't wait to see how many we get!!!! We are planning on donating them around Christmas time..... so times a tickin'.... ;-)
{notice the awesome pillow case on Bubba's lap... His birthday present just a couple of weeks ago was wrapped in a fun pillow case. We LOVE Child Life and want to give back.}
and here a few more from that day just becuase I want to. ;-)




Monday, August 27, 2012

Learning to be

One of the things that I have found myself saying over and over for the past eighteen days is
 “I don’t know how to be without him,” 
For the past twelve years my world has revolved around my sweet boy. Every waking second of my life was in some way devoted to his care…. Everywhere that we went, everything that we did depended on Bubba and how he was feeling or if it were a place that he could go.  Each new day our activities were dependent on how Bubba felt and how many appointments he had.  My arms were constantly filled in some way, whether it was caring Bubba, the many bags that he was constantly attached to, or the other bags holding the diapers, clothing and other things that he required. My arms have never felt so empty; I don’t know what to do with them. Just walking has proven to be a difficult task. I have always had a wheel chair to push and all of a sudden I find myself walking with nothing to hold onto, nothing to do with my empty hands. My house is suddenly quite without the sound of banging doors or Bubba’s movies playing at full blast. I am not changing out bags or giving medications around the clock. There are no diapers that need to be changed or doctors that need to be called back.
It is an entirely new world that I have been thrown into and I have to learn how to be again. It is hard, oh, it is so hard BUT I feel my sweet boy traveling this difficult road alongside me. 
In those moments that I want to pull the covers over my head and sleep the day away he reminds me of my sweet and brave little girl. She has happily taken the back seat to Bubba’s care for eight years.
Now, it is her time.
 It is time for me to learn to be the mother that she needs me to be right now.  That is why we took the trip to get away.
{To anyone who had questions regarding this I want to clarify that our wonderful family made this trip possible with hotel points and paying for our outings. None of the money of that was sent for Bubba’s service was spent on this trip.}
Regan saw things that no little sister should ever have to see. She walked into our living room so see a crowd of people gathered around her Bubba working desperately on him. She bravely stood with us and kissed her Bubba on the head as he lay in a small wooden box. My sweet little eight year old girl is braver and stronger than anyone I have ever met. With all this strength that she has shown we also knew that there was sadness, worries, fears, and things that she needed to talk about. So, Hubs and I made the decision that getting her away from our home, where she had witnessed too much that night, would be the best way to start the healing process. She is doing well and adjusting to having all of our attention solely focused on her at all times. {I am sure at times it is driving her crazy.} We had good and bad moments in San Francisco. Shoot, we have good and bad moments every single day but the trip was just what we needed and it was a good starting off point for all of us.

I wasn’t sure what route I wanted to take with this blog. This blog has always been such a positive and happy place. Ok, at least in mind I feel that it is. ;-) Bubba’s has always had so many life stories to share and teach us all along the way. So, I have decided that this blog will stay just the same. It will continue to be positive. Yes, I will have my break downs here and there that I will share but for the most part I want this blog to continue to be a positive place filled with life lessons from Bubba and our new little family. I want to share with you this new journey that I suddenly find myself on of learning to “be” again.

Every day is hard but with each new day a new light and hope comes with it. I am still constantly learning from my sweet little Hero every day.
"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look look at change."
I will end today with the poem that he had in the program at his service entitled God's Garden.
God looked around his garden
and found an empty place.
He then looked down upon the earth,
And saw your tired face.  He put His arms around you,
And lifted you to rest.
God's garden must be beautiful,
He always takes the best.  He knew you were suffering,
He knew that you were in pain.
He knew that you would never,
Get well on earth again.  He saw the road was getting rough,
And the hills were hard to climb,
So He closed your weary eyelids,
And whispered, "Peace be thine."  It broke our hearts to lose you,
But you didn't go alone,
For part of us went with you,
The day God called you home.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

A broken but grateful heart

A broken but grateful heart.

I can’t even begin to express in words how grateful we are for the out pouring of love and support we have received over the past 10 days. My Dad and Step Mom had arrived the day of Bubba’s passing for a visit from Texas. It was a huge comfort to have them here with us. Jason’s father and my father were a huge part in getting things ready for Bubba’s service. The Dads went and checked out funeral homes and the cemetery beforehand to make things easier for Jason and me. The next day my baby sister was at my door step. That night my Mom and sister arrived to be here with us. The next day my brother and last sister came from Texas to be with us.  Yes, all three of my sisters, my brother, my mom, and my dad were by my side within days.  To say that I felt loved wouldn’t even begin to describe my feelings. Jason’s family also rallied around us, four out of five of his siblings were here within days to be with us. Everyone help take care of our sweet girl, taking her for fun adventures and time with cousins. While Regan was playing Jason and I had to make hard decisions about our sweet boy and what we wanted for him, decisions that no parent should ever have to make. It was hard but there were so many tender mercies along the way, no doubt sent to us by Bubba, to help us along the way. {One day I will share some of these special moments with you.}

Bubba’s service was this past Wednesday and it was perfect. Over five hundred people packed the chapel to come and celebrate Bubba’s life. This was an overwhelming show of love and support for our boy. {Especially considering it was on a Wed. morning.} Pa Pa gave Bubba’s eulogy and it was beautiful. It was filled with memories of our Bubba and all of the things that he loved, fun memories, and of course stories of Bubba causing trouble. There was a beautiful musical number by friends and it all ended with a beautiful slideshow of Bubba accompanied by our friend on the violin playing small world and Baby of Mine from Dumbo.

Thank you to everyone that helped in anyway with this beautiful day of celebrating our sweet Bubba’s life.
Many of you have asked about Regan and how she is doing. Yesterday was the first day that I truly had to be a mother again. There were so many Aunts and Grandmas around that she was well taken care of and loved. She is doing very well, almost too well, in some ways it makes us nervous. So, tomorrow the three of us are packing up the car and hitting the road. We need time to be together just the three of us, to talk, to cry, and to reconnect after all that has happened. We are headed to San Fransico for a bit. 
Thank you again for your sweet messages, emails, texts, and cards. Thank you for your prayers, we feel them…. Keep them coming.
Philippian 4:13 I can do all things through Chirst wich strengthens me.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

We will not be angry

I have sat down to write this post several times and couldn’t find the words.

My heart is breaking and my arms are empty.

Our sweet Bubba returned home to Heaven in the arms of loving angels one week ago.

  Bubba was doing so well and the only thing that we can come up with is a new medication that he started that day. I found my sweet boy that night in his bed and that image will forever be imprinted in my mind. At the hospital Jason and I had such a huge range of emotions, sad, scared, heartbroken, and angry. I remember shortly before passing out and having to be put on a gurney my sweet Hubby saying… “Dad get us a lawyer!!!!” We were both angry with Dr. Wonderful for prescribing this new medication and were ready to come after him. I remember saying to the nurses “Dr. …… did this to my baby!!!” Our emotions were raw and our anger was fresh.

Shortly after saying good bye to our sweet boy we found out that we would be able to donate some of Bubba’s organs to help those still fighting the fight. We had to make a choice. If we were going to be angry and go after Dr. ….. there would have to be an autopsy done of Bubba’s body to prove what if any wrong doing had happened BUT if we choose to do the autopsy the organs could not be donated to help these other children. In that moment we had to decide if we’re going to be angry or if we were going to let Bubba’s big heart continue to touch the lives of others.

We did what we knew Bubba would want us to do; we made the decision to not be angry. Being angry wouldn’t change anything, it wouldn’t bring our boy back to us, but by finding peace Bubba was able to give other children back to their parents. Bubba’s legacy continues to live on in the lives of six people that Bubba helped.

The reason that I am sharing this with you is because I have learned that it can be very easy to be angry. The thing about anger is that when it gets a hold of you it can quickly turn you into someone that you are not. Bubba was the happiest child I have ever seen despite his many challenges and constant pain.

We are all hurting but Bubba would not want any of us to be angry. He would want us to find comfort and joy in his sweet smile and in his legacy of enduring with happy heart. It is hard. Oh, it is so hard but I am going to do everything that I can to make my sweet Bubba proud of me. I want him to see his Mama enduring this pain with a happy heart. I want him to see me smiling even as the tears come.

Right now it is hard to do these things but with each new day I see a new little tender mercy that my sweet Bubba has sent our way. I love him so much and miss him like crazy. My arms ache to hold him and my ears miss his sweet laughter but I take comfort in knowing that our family will be reunited in Heaven. I know that families can be together forever through our Savior Jesus Christ’s eternal gift.

John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his only-begotten son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life."

Monday, August 13, 2012


Again, Don Presley (papa) writing for the family: Many have asked how they can make donations to assist the family due to Collin's passing. There are three ways that are available 1. You may make place money or check in a card and give it to a pallbearer at the funeral. (look for the guys in bow ties to honor Collin) 2. Mail a Check or Money Order made out to Jason Presley and mail it to 2286 E. Carson St. P.O. Box 438, Long Beach, CA 90807-3044. 3. Online direct transfer through Chase Bank, using Person to Person Quickpay. You do not have to be a customer of Chase Bank, but do have to set up a quickpay account. After setting this, it is a tranfer through the emails, and bank accounts are not transmitted. It is very secure. Just type Quickpay in the search box, look at the first line down the page, and follow the instructions to set it up. Again, you are not setting up a Chase account, and this is a free service by Jason's bank. It takes about 7 minutes to set up. You will need Jason's email address to know where to send, which is Feel free to email me at with any questions. Thank you again to all who have expressed a desire to help, or just for your messages of love and support. The funeral is at 3701 Elm st., Long Beach, CA on Wednesday, Aug 15th,at 10 am at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Our Bubba

We are inviting everyone that has been touched by Bubba to come and celebrate his life with us. We would love to see the chapel packed by all of you that love him, that have been inspired by him, and that will continue to remember him. Even after death Bubba has continued to touch lives. His organs were donated to help warriors still fighting the fight. The Presley Family wants to express their gratitude for the out pouring of love and support. There will be a viewing Tuesday, 8-14-2012 from 4pm-8pm at Luyben Family Morturary 5161 E. Arbor Rd. Long Beach, CA 90808 The Memoral service will be Wednesday 8-15-2012 at 10am at The Church of Latter Day Saints 3701 Elm Ave. Long Beac, CA

Friday, August 10, 2012

Last night, August 17th, at approximately 11:30 pm, sweet Collin Presley, our Bubba, passed away peacefully. Although heroic work was performed by the great men of the firemen, God had a more important work for Bubba, and he sent his Angels to bring him back to His presence. We have been blessed by his love and smiles for 12 years, and will miss him terribly. I am Don Presley, Collin's grandpa, and Julie asked me to post this for her. Funeral arrangements will be announced when we know them. Please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

big ol' ugly cry

I like to pride myself on being a pretty positive person


every now and then I need a good ol' ugly face cry in the shower.

Yesterday was one of those days.

It snuck up on me out of no where.

I was cleaning and putting away THIS magazine and opened it up to the article and winning photograph of my sweet Bubba.

When I started going through my photographs I naturally went to the ones of my daughter dancing first. That would be the obvious choice, right? As I sat here and gave it more thought I decided to go a different way with my entry. I have a feeling that most entries will be of obvious, beautiful, and even difficult talents, well, not mine. When my, 11 year old, son was born we were told that he would never walk, talk, or do much of anything in his, what they believed to be, short life. I watched as my sweet little baby fought to learn every basic skill that comes naturally to most. He did not even start sitting up on his own until he was three years old. I remember crying as I placed my little boy in a shopping cart seat for the first time. Something as simple as holding his head up, sitting without help, or swallowing were quickly becoming amazing new talents in our home. We cheered each time a new skill was learned and were amazed at his constant desire to prove the doctors wrong despite all of the many obstacles that life placed before him. I will never forget the day that I turned down the long, cold hallway at Collin’s school to see my son doing the unthinkable; he was taking a few steps. I stood there with tears in my eyes as his teacher helped him to show off his newly learned talent. Later that year he was honored by our school district for being “the most inspirational’ student. As they described his difficult life I watched my inspiration walk across the stage in his little tux as he showed off not only his huge smile but his new found talent, walking. Everyone in the room clapped with tears in their eyes. He was shaky and only managed to take a few steps but he made it to John Wooden, where he got his award. It was an amazing day for this mother. I was able to see my child honored for his talents, a day I thought would never come. I knew that he would not play a musical instrument, sport, or be in academic decathlons, so I had pushed those hopes back, way back. It wasn’t until that night, as a very pregnant mommy with our second child, I heard my sweet little boy being honored for his strength, amazing attitude, and ability to never give up. I realized in that moment that he might not play football, sing, or play chess but the talents that God has blessed him with are much greater.

This got me thinking.....
and missing these kind of moments.

Bubba has never been able to stand on his own
but if he had something to hold onto he did great!

Bubba fought so hard to learn this skill.....

and inspired so many while doing it.

I miss his BIG smile, face thrown up to the heavens,
as he didn't watch where he went and took out everyone's toes as he RAN.

The hard reality is that Bubba has lost this skill and will more likely than not never get it back.
His body is too weak, too tired, and too old. His hips pop out, he has weak bones becuase of the arthritis, and his muscles have taken a hit over the past year. You have to remember that pre mature aging is part of TTD, a crummy part.

So, as I sat there reading the article, my words, on how proud I was of Bubba being able to walk it hit me... like a ton of bricks.... He fought so hard for this and than it was just taken away. Later I was at the store with my kidos and a frustrated young mother watching her toddler run around the store said "Oh, he just drives me crazy why does he have to be running around the store like that!!!... I just wish he coudln't do that!!!!" She looked up at me and my sweet boy in his wheel chair and I smiled at her. I don't think she had a clue what an impact her words made on me. I wanted to grab her shoulders and shake her and say..." Yes... this is HARD... this is a hard time to be a mother but LOVE it... LOVE every second of it!!!.... be grateful that you have a child you have to chase around the store!!!! .... G"SSSSS don't you see how lucky you are!?!?!?" Ok, so none of these words came out of my mouth... I just smiled and said "this age can be a hard one can't it??" Insert the biggest smile I could muster up. Then I walked away. Later I had my BIG OL' UGLY face cry in the shower. I miss it... I wont lie.. I MISS seeing him walk around so much. I CRIED... and cried ... releasing all of the anger.

 BUT here's the thing as much as I miss watching him walk I know it could be worse. I have friends that would give anything for what I have now. They would give anything just to have one more day with their child.

"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

So, tonight when you tuck your babies into bed be grateful... When your child runs away from you at the store, be grateful.......... when your child tells you I Love you, be grateful........when you watch your child swim in the pool, be grateful.......when you don't have to hook your kido up to machines, be grateful ...... when you watch your child bite into a big ol' cheesburger, be grateful. These might seem like little things but to some of us.... these are huge and we would give anything to see or hear these things from our children.

{Oh, and in case you are wondering... I am double grateful when I see these things from Regan becuase I know how special they are! ;-) }

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


My senior quote in the year book was

 "A smile is a priceless gift but precious to those that recieve it."

Even as a kid I understood the importance of a smile.

I grew up in a TINY town in Oklahoma.

EVERYONE had a smile and a hello to share with you as you passed.

It didn't matter how much money you had, your gender, your age, or your race....

a simple smile could change anyones day.

I loved the power that I held knowing that all I needed to do was smile and someone's day could change for the better.

My smile has been my companion in some of my hardest trials.

It felt good knowing that even if the world around me was spinning out of control I could still control something as simple as my smile.

Friday as I sat in the hospital with Bubba I couldn't help but just stare at his sweet smile.

What a talent that sweet litte boy of mine has.

No, he wont be on a football team or run a marathon but he has a much greater talent, he touches everyone that meets him with that SMILE of his.

I put up a picture on FB of his BIG SMILE and a friend with a special needs child made the comment that her daughter would never be able to endure these days like Bubba, with that smile.

This statment got me thinking... counting my blessings.

Bubba is very much like a baby, he doesn't undestand what is happening to him.

There is no way to explain each surgery, test, or procedure as it is happening.

He could be so angry... so mad.... HATE the sight of the hospital


he doesn't!

Every time we pull into the large parking lot he SMILES, often times accompanied with clapping.

The daily demands of his disablities are enough to bring any grown man to their knees but to add on top of that all of his medical problems well.....

he AMAZES me that he can still SMILE. :-)

He has been given an amazing talent and he doesn't waste it, not one bit.

{This picture was taken just after they accessed his line with a BIG needle.}

{at the begining of his treatment on Friday I gave him a 10$ movie...
you would have thought I gave him the moon.}

{I wont lie... these days are long and hard but he is such a tropper!!}
Doesn't he look like such a pre-teen in this picture? ;-)

My sweet friend Sherrie brought me lunch and stayed the rest of the day with us.
I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am for her friendship.
I feel so blessed to have her in my life... it makes me want to SMILE! :-)

{we got visits from the therapy dogs.}

We spent time with one of our favorite nurses!
We LOVE these women and their love for Bubba makes us SMILE!

Bubba's main line was acting up.
{this is the line leading to his heart that they accsess for treatments and blood draws.}
After treatment they put TPA in his line to try to break up the unkown culprit that was causing problems with his line. {After they put it in we had to let it stay in for an hour before flushing}

Bubba was very happy Ms. Sherrie was still there becuase she let him go
up and down
up and down
up and down

 Then it was back to the room where Bubba got the I Pad and the DVD player.
He was very proud of himself.
Nurse tried to draw blood with no sucsess so we were off to xray to check on his line
BUT not before one last.......

{Can I just remind you that by this point we had been there
 8 hours and he had a HARD day and yet he was STILL smilling.}
So, Bubba we headed to x ray... with our smiles in place.
Ms. Sherrie was still with us and was such a huge help! ;)

Today we got the call from Dr. Wonderful telling us that he has put in the auth for Bubba to meet up with Dr. Amazing {the surgeon} for a date in the OR. There is a fibrin on his line. This is good... these should be any easy fix. :-)

So, in the mean time......

Bubba and I will be smilling....
How about you???