Saturday, April 30, 2011

I am not ready.....

to say good bye to Paw and Maw.
We are having so much fun with Paw and Maw and are
 not ready for them to head back to Texas tomorrow.
We have had LOTS of cuddles :) 
AND lots of laughs!! 
Maybe, I can have Regan drive them back to California when ever I want.
Hey, she makes a pretty good taxi bike driver!!

A BIG, HUGE thank you to my BIG BAD DAD and my sweet Step Mother for coming out to here to celebrate Regan's birthday and spend some time with us. We love y'all TONS!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Last night was hard......

But today was Good!!!!
because Paw and Maw came
from Texas to play with us!!!

We are Happy!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Birthday baby girl!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a fun day for a FUN girl!
{oh, and we still have her party to go :}

Monday, April 25, 2011


my baby girl turns seven years old.
Where did the time go??
It seems like just yesterday I was coming
 home from the hospital with this tiny little baby.
Now, she is this beautiful big girl.
We make a BIG deal out of birthdays around here.
Regan is such a sweet sister and has a HUGE heart.
We always go out of our way to make
sure that she knows that it is her day.....
Ok her week. :)

The kids are on Spring Break this week {Yipee!!}
So, last week I took Regan's birthday treat into her class.
She did not want cupcakes she wanted Donuts!
Got to love that girl! wink! 

On Sunday she celebrated her birthday with Pa Pa at their annual party together.
Regan was due on PaPa's birthday but held in there for an extra six days. :) 
What is a birthday with out a little Disney??? 
This morning I took the kids to Disney so that some close
personal friends could wish Regan a Happy Birthday.
You know.... Goofy..... 
and Handy Mandy. :) 
She was SOOOO excited that she is old enough to go on the bumper cars all by herself! 
Oh, I love you baby girl!!!!
Lot's more birthday fun to come!!
{including special visitors all the way from Texas}

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Fun

We have been having LOTS of Easter fun around here :)
We have been............
Coloring Easter Eggs.
Making Peep S'mores
{Thank you Sarah for the idea. They were Yummy!}
The Easter Bunny made a stop by our home.
We went to Church to celebrate our Savior
Jesus Christ and his love for us.
One more pic of my cute kids in their Easter outfits.
{If you would like a bow tie like Bubbas or a flower like Regans head over
HERE Jennifer is amazing!!}
What is Easter with out a good Ol' Easter Egg hunt?? 

Bubba LOVED it!!!
Regan had more fun putting eggs back out for Bubba to find. 

We looked over and Bubba was taking eggs out of Regan's basket and putting them in his!!!
Too funny!!!!!!!! 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from our Family to yours!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Today my heart smiled.......

I received a phone call earlier this week inviting us to an Easter egg hunt today. The call was from my sweet sister in law, Crystal. She works at the nursing home that Uncle Bill is now living in. It is such a comfort to know that she is there taking special care of him. Oh, she is AMAZING, she is in her element there and has such a special talent and patience with all of these beautiful seniors.  Uncle Bill had a stroke and was not doing well so the kids have not seen him in a while. I wasn't sure how Regan would do, it just wasn't the same Uncle Bill. The past couple of weeks he has done so well. He looks great and seems to have a renewed love of life. So, this morning I called Crystal to make sure that Uncle Bill was having a good day and he was!! Then I picked the kids up from school and made sure Bubba had a good day.... he did! So, we headed to Nana's house to pick her and cousin Andrea up and left to see Uncle Bill.
 Do you see how he is looking at my Mother in law?? She has a heart of gold and has been so amazing through all of this. He adores her.

This next group of pictures I would like to title "Bubba is ready for retirement"  
When this picture came up on my screen I couldn't help but smile. 
Bubba was so happy the entire time. He wanted nothing to do with the Easter Egg Hunt....
 he was at home and wanted to explore.  
He made a special friend. This man was alone and did not want to be part of the Easter fun. Bubba kept coming back to this room and would wheel right up to him. By the end of our visit they were buddies.

Bubba had to challenge Uncle Bill to a wheel chair rase :)

Bubba, I know that you had TONS of fun today and made new friends but Mommy is not ready for you to retire yet. If it's ok with you I want you to stay with me a little while longer.... please. I know that it is so tempting but I would miss you so much. So, how about we put off retirement for at least a couple more years.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Prayers needed............

Before leaving for the hospital in Maryland I had to pick up records from our hospital out here. I took advantage of being there to go and check in on my special friends. We sat and talked about our boys and everything they were both going through. Sweet little Cayden had been having a VERY hard time. He was recovering from his 7th surgery since his birth on Christmas day. I talked to his brave Mommy about everything that Bubba would have to do on our trip. So, when I looked at my phone and saw that it was her calling me I knew it must be important. I answered the phone to hear a heart broken friend on the other end. She had only been hearing awful news and needed to vent. We talked, cried, and then Bubba starting seizing and our call was ended quickly BUT before getting off the phone I promised her that first thing Saturday morning I would be at the hospital to take family pictures for her. So, here is what I need from you my wonderful and faithful friends..... please pray for sweet Cayden. He will be going in for surgery again soon. Please pray for my little buddy and for his wonderful family.