Thursday, December 30, 2010

What a special experience...

Several months back I received a phone call from a woman…” Hi, my name is Carina. My mother is Deb from your ward. She told me that I should call and talk to you.” That first conversation lasted over an hour. Carina was pregnant with twins and lost one of the babies. Not long after that she found out that her sweet little boy would be born with Hydrocephalus {also known as water on the brain}. At the point of our first phone conversation all she had heard was bad news, no hope. She was even asked to think about if she would want to terminate the pregnancy. My heart broke for her as she shared her story with me. It became very clear to me why her mother had given her my phone number. I poured my heart out to her about everything that I have learned over the years. I told her things that I wish someone would have told me eleven years ago. What started out as a “mentorship” quickly turned into a friendship. She called me after every ultrasound, bad doctors appointment, or just when she needed to cry.

Christmas morning she gave birth to her beautiful little boy. He had surgery two days ago to put a shunt into his brain to drain the fluid. Yesterday I received a phone call from my friend to let me know how he was doing. She then invited me to meet him!!! I was so excited and could not wait to meet him today. I wasn’t sure what to expect or what the mood would be like when I arrived. I walked into an amazing sight, Carina holding her baby for the very first time. {Remember my story about the picture and holding my sweet Bubba for the first time?} It took everything in me to not start crying. It was a beautiful sight. I quickly took out my camera and captured that same moment for her.

He is a fighter. There were remnants of tape from the oxygen they weaned him off still on his little cheeks. He has a tiny little nose and the same thumbs as his mother. He responded to his Daddy playing the guitar with his little man O faces. Oh, it was just lovely. I am so grateful for this friendship and that they invited me to be part of such a special and trying time in their lives. I know that they would truly appreciate your prayers for their sweet little Cayden. He has a long way to go but like I said …. He is a fighter! He also has two AMAZING parents that love him dearly! {and a little sister that can’t get enough of him.} I have no doubt that he is yet another one of God’s special little miracles.

Thank you for letting me part of this very special day!!!!


Rachel said...

I love love love when God places people together to lift them up!

Those difficult steps you took as a mother with a newborn? Are the same ones this special mom has you alongside to give her support. What a blessing you are my friend!

Kristi said...

That little Cayden is by far the cutest baby I've seen in a long time. His little face had so much personality and sweetness. What a special friend you are to capture those memories for them. Your pictures were wonderful. I always cry my eyes out when I read your posts, Julie! But I needed a good cry, so I appreciate you. ;)

BIG TEXAS HUGS for you and your friends and Baby Cayden!!

The Reed's said...

This Post made me cry! My heartbreaks that one of her twins died. Cayden is a very cute baby! He looks so happy to jsut hold his mom and dads finger. Thank you for sharing this with us

Deb Cox said...

Julie, you are a blessing in our lives. Thank YOU for sharing your experience, talent and friendship. You were there when Carina truly needed advice from someone who knows what she's going through. Your positive energy and insight is contagious. Thank you for the beautiful pictures. I'm glad you were there to capture the memorable firsts. Love ya lots!

Rochelleht said...

As I said before, you really are here doing the Lord's work. That is wonderful. I had the opportunity to talk to a mom recently as well who was overwhelmed and hopeless. It is such a blessing to be able to give them a future and wonderful one at that!

Mandy said...

How wonderful for you to be able to be there for this mother. It brought up so many memories for me. Because although I had both of my twins, I found out I was having twins and that Caleb had hydrocephalus on the same day!! Then the genetic people came to give me all the "good" news of the possibilities. A day I will never forget!

May her journey as a mother of a special one be made easier because of your influence. I sure wish I had another mother to talk to when I started my journey.

Skeller said...

what a special treasure to offer this new family - not merely these wonderful images (which completely melt my heart) - but also your encouraging friendship. Your relationship truly embodies 2Corinthians 1, "... God comforts us in all our affliction so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God you are sharers of our sufferings, so also you are sharers of our comfort.."

Foursons said...

Rachel said it perfectly. You are such a blessing to this family. Sometimes the reasons for our trials are to help others through theirs.

I had a lot of family members die within a 5 year time span. While at the time (and still today) I struggle with grief, I also feel a calling to reach out to others who are grieving.

It's all within His plan and when He reveals His plan to us it is the most beautiful thing to witness.

Poppie said...

Beautiful pictures, Julie. You know just what to look for! Best wishes and lots of prayers for little Cayden and his family. I am sure his sweet brother is watching over him from his special spot in heaven.

Susan said...

So many blessings in this post. Cayden is definitely such a HUGE blessing. Your friendship, understanding and pictures are another huge blessing. How wonderful for all of you!

Simply Sara said...


i love when God sets up these kind of friendships.
you are beautiful.
that family is beautiful.

thank you for being such a this family and so many others (me, included!)