Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas came a week early

So, I told you how Regan and I
got a package the other day.....
Inside we found LOTS of fun clothing from Matilda Jane.
Christmas came a week early!!!
You see, one of my new found photography friends sent me a message a little bit back.
She asked for Regan's size and told me
 that she was entering us in a contest of sorts...
They were asked to talk about people
that make you smile/ inspire you.
She picked us!!!!
Regan and I tore open the box and were so
 excited with each new thing we pulled out...
I cried .....
Then I pulled out clothing for me!!!
Regan and I both ended up with so much...
Regan recieved a skirt, 2 shirts, sweater, hoodie, pants, dress, and tights
I recieved 2 skirts, vest, 2 shirts, dress, and a hoodie
AWESOME ... I know!!!!
I couldn't stop crying.
It was just the surprise that I needed :)
Last week was so hard and this was such an AMAZING way to start this week off.
I thought I would show all of the wonderful things that we recieved.
Today I will start with.........
I am wearing this VEST and this oh so cute brown shirt.

Regan has on this oh so cute SKIRT, this SHIRT, and these TIGHTS
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this outfit on her!!!!

THANK YOU Matilda Jane!!!!!!!!!
THANK YOU Sandi!!!!!!!!!


Naomi said...

Congrtats! That is so deserve it! You are inspiring and those outfits are beautiful! Your daughter is adorable!

Kristi said...

You deserve it lady! I'm so glad that put a smile on your face!

Simply Sara said...

can't think of anyone more deserving!
anjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

Maw and Paw said...

Julie & Regan,
How does the Lord find so many ways to bless us? You keep on being the great example for young mothers and there is no end to what you will be blessed with! I am happy for you both!

Sandi said...

Oh I am so glad! I have been wondering and wondering! You deserve it and Wow you gals look gorgeous! Love it!