Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We love fall!

I can not believe that October has already come and almost gone!! Mondays are mine and Regan's together days. It is the only day that she does not have school. So, we try to make to most of every Mommy Monday that we get.

Today we started by taking time to ......

Then we took the time to have lunch with a friend!!! I love my therapy sessions with you Sue! wink!!

Then after we picked Collin up from school it was off to the pumpkin patch for some fall fun!

What a fun weekend!

My mom called and told me that she was coming down for a wrestling tournament with her hubby. He is the coach. So, of course we dropped everything to meet up. We did some cheering for the AVHS wrestling team, stole poppie and got lunch, and had to go and see the puppies!!! We always love seeing you mom!!! Love you!!

On Sunday we had a little friend over. They made pirate hats and quickly turned into pirates. It was fun to watch them.

We only had one causality. This little pirate got a little to carried away. ....

and this was the result. Good thing Collin will forgive quickly!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Yesterday I walked into find Regan helping Collin play with my camera. He was just loving the flash going off in his face. I am not sure if then even realized that they were taking pictures. I supervised from a distance and let the two of them enjoy their time together. When I got my camera away from them. I saw some of the most beautiful pictures of my son. I hope that they bring a smile to your face like they did to mine. Have a great day!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Are you taking the time.. to take the time?

I was reading a book and some wonderful things stood out to me. What am I doing to be a better person every day? Yes, I know I am a mother and wife BUT what am I doing to change the lives of those around me. I am sure that we have all had similar moments in our lives where we wonder if there is more that we could… ok, maybe it’s just me. I know I can think to much sometimes. So, I took this as a challenge. Now, I am not sharing this with you to boast or try to make myself look wonderful BUT to show how simple it has been. First day… I pray and ask that I will have the love of Christ in my heart so that I will and can find the moments through out my day to pass it on. Walking out of the post office I noticed that a woman had her arms full with a huge box. So, I run to open the door for her. She was surprised that I did that and thanked me several times. Ok, yes all did was open a door BUT it made her smile. Day two.. Prayed again… Regan asked me to play a game with her when I was very busy doing other things. I normally would ask her to wait until I was done doing what I was doing. I stopped that second and began to play with her. I could tell on her face that it meant a lot to her that I took the time to stop and play. Day 3.… Prayed of course… After I picked Regan up from school I walked out to the parking lot at the park across the street where I had parked my car. There I saw a woman and her little girl in tears. I asked her if she was ok. As, she pointed to the triple A truck she told me that she locked her keys in her car and he could not break in since her car was so new. She had a new BMW with a electric entry system. So, she then asked if I would drive her to her house, which of course was not close, to get her keys and then bring her back. I thought for a second… Hmmm. .. I could easily come up with a million excuses as to why I could not take her. I just picked Regan up from school and she was hungry. There were errands that I still needed to run. Well, yes of course I drove this woman and her sweet little three year old daughter to their house and picked up the key and then drove them back. She thanked me a million times over and we parted ways. Well, the reason that I share this story with you is because of how grateful I have been to notice or find these opportunities in my daily life. These opportunities that are ALWAYS there but I just don’t take the time to notice all to often. Let’s fast forward to yesterday. I was having an awful morning and things just were not going right. After I parked my car to get Regan from school I look up to see my new three year old friend, Evelyn, from the other day standing there with a bouquet of flowers. Her and her mother had been sitting there playing at the park waiting for me to come to get Regan from school and had brought me a very sweet thank you note and flowers. WOW, she took the time …to take the time to thank me and that is just what I needed. I can not even tell you how grateful I was to them for brightening my day. While we were on our fun journey the other day we got to know each other and I had told her about Collin and our sweet family. In her note she wrote. “….. You could have easily said no, my life is too hard. But instead you have a wonderful and inspiring attitude. I can’t thank you enough. Maybe God wanted us to meet and somehow I can some day help you……” The funny thing is that with out knowing it she already did. Just by showing up and taking the time to say thank you made my day and mood change for the better. It was exactly what I needed. I truly believe that she is right. I do believe that God brings people into our live for a reason then we have to do our part to figure out why and take advantage of each moment that we are offered. So, I will end by asking are you taking the time…. to take the time?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fun with Poppie at the Pumpkin Patch

Last weekend we went up to my mom's house to play with her. I needed a break and she is always the perfect escape when it has been a difficult week with Collin. While we were in the high dessert we went to a fun pumpkin patch. We ended up staying there for over two hours. While we were there we went through a five acre corn maze, picked the perfect pumpkins, went on a train ride, and rode patches the horse!!! It was just to much fun! Thanks Mom, you always know how to have a blast with your girls!!!

Things were going great at
first BUT then we got lost.....

So, we took pictures
and laughed BUT.....

We started getting worried that we
wouldn't ever find our way out!!!!

Regan saved the day!!!!

We were finally free!!!!

I love my sweet and amazing little man. However there are times when I need to get a break and go to my mom's and get a descent night's sleep. I average about 3-5 hours of sleep every night. Luckily my boys had a blast down here while we were gone. It was a beautiful, cloudy Collin kind of day. So, the boys went to Disney Land of course and had a BLAST! Nope, no pictures of them. Jason doesn't like to take the camera. Thank you mom and Jason!!! Love y'all!!!

For all time and eterntiy!

9 years ago today this guy became my main sqeeze for all eternity!!! Jason, I love you so much1!!! Here's to many more!

Monday, October 13, 2008


For Jason's Birthday he wanted it simple.. no party, no friends, just a simple night at home just the four of us. Well, I put Regan in charge and she rouse to the occasion. She made the cake all by herself... (with a little assistance) frosted and decorated it all by herself, and decorated!! It was PERFECT in every way!!! Happy Birthday again Daddy!! We love you!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy 34th Birthday Jason!!

You Are the BEST Daddy! .....

The BEST buddy!...

And my BEST friend!

Happy Birthday Jason!!! We love you so much and are so lucky to have such a loving devoted daddy and husband! Enjoy your day of football watching and relaxing! WE LOVE YOU!!!!