Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Going home!

At the end of the week we all felt like this. Regan crashed before we even got to the airport. It was a long and hard week but well worth it for our little man!! Thank you again Aunt Nancy I can't even thank you enough!!! I don't have pictures... UHMMMM.... but while we were are the hospital with Collin Aunt Nancy took Regan to the zoo, to museums, and did lots of fun stuff with her. THANK YOU!!!!

Get some last loves on the way to the airport. I love how Collin is looking at Aunt Nancy in this picture. You can see the love in his eyes!

As soon as Nancy walked away to go find her gate Regan started to cry. I looked down and noticed the tears and asked her if she was OK and all she said was... "Aunt Nancy, Aunt Nancy, .. Aunt Nancy." It was hard to say good bye :(

When we got on the plane Collin was doing great. He was entertaining himself with this subway cup. I know... but hey what ever works.

Then after a couple hours into the flight Collin started getting upset. Before we knew it Collin was throwing up and having seizures. Yes, everyone around us just loved us. I had one man that just kept looking at me with such disgust.... well what do you do. So, I had to take me sweet little boy into the tiny air plane bathroom and change his cloths, get him all cleaned up, and the give him and injection of Valium. Yeah, lots of fun.

After the meds kicked in the vomiting stopped and Collin was out! The flight attendants were so nice. They let me hold him while we landed since I needed to keep such a close eye on him. It was hard and long BUT it was so wonderful to be home! Thanks again to EVERYONE... Aunt Nancy, all of the wonderful doctors, the Children's Inn, Paw for help with the Camera, and to all of you that prayed for Collin and our family! Thank you!
I am sure you are all tired of reading about the trip.. so this is it! wink! BIG HUGS!!!!


Shanan said...

Gosh ... I don't even know if you remember me ... but I lived with Steph and Jon Waite for a couple of years while in California.

I've been silently following your blog for a couple of weeks now and am just amazed at your patience, dedication, and love for your children.

Keep on keepin' on! I know this road can't be easy ... but Collin would not be the boy he is today without loving parents.

Take care,

Amy said...

I'm glad your trip went well! Sorry that Collin got sick on the flight home, though. That must have been miserable! I hope he's feeling much better now that he's home.

rebecca said...

julie...i'm in tears. reading your blog at night when it's quiet is dangerous:) I am glad you are strong - you inspire me. I am glad to know that Colin is one of Heavenly Father's really special children (and his sweet sister Reagan) What a blessing to have opportunities to see "him" without pain and disabilities. You and Jason are remarkable parents.

Presley family said...

Of course I remember you!!! Our fun days ok more like night at the waites wink!... and of course when we were lucky enough to get you in RS when Steph was teaching. Thank you so much for your kind words!!! BIG HUGS!