Tuesday, August 30, 2011

going out on a limb........

My sweet little Regan is...
well, there's no nice way to say it...
She is a BIG ol' chicken.
She doesn't like new things, roller coasters, or being scared.
So, that is why I could not have been more proud of her today.
We took Great Grandma Jo to the L.A. Science
Center today for her very first time.
While we were there Regan decided to do something new....
she decided to be brave.
She decided to go out on a limb. :)

I could tell that she was nervous as the man strapped her in to the bike....
BUT she had made up her mind to be brave!!! 
Why would she need to be brave to go on a bike you ask??
This bike was on a rope VERY high up. 
She did such a GREAT job!!! 
Shoot, when the guy asked her if she wanted to do it again..... 
She said "SURE!" and headed back out! 
I am so proud of my brave little girl!

We tried so hard to get Great Grandma Jo to do it as well.....
Maybe next time. :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mark it off THE LIST.........

There have so many other FUN things marked off of our
summer list that I haven't had a chance to blog about.
Mommy/ Bubba day (while Regan was in San Diego) at Disneyland. 
I would go on rollercoasters with this boy every day of the week if I could.
He LOVES them!!!! 

On one of Daddy's rare days off we went bowling with him!!! 

We have been to see good ol' Uncle Bill several times and well....
We LOVE our Uncle Bill!!!!!

Daddy and Regan had a Daddy/ Daughter Date night to an Angel game.
She has been talking about this one all summer!!!! 

We even managed to get Great Grandma Jo in on our bowling fun!
Seriously, I think we have a bowling obsession.
It is our safe go to place when it is hot and Bubba LOVES to bowl!! 
Great Grandma Jo even wanted to give it a try. 
We have had such a fun summer and only have one week left.
Let the count down begin!!! {boo}
Still on the list to do:
Mommy Regan mani pedis
natural history museum
sleep over
disney land
go to the zoo
and yup... get in one more round of bowling.
wish me luck this week!

Friday, August 26, 2011

and the count down to the end of summer begins...........

I don't know what these three will do once school starts.
They have spent at least two to three days a week together.
It has been wonderful!!!!
When school starts play dates will be few and far
between with everyones crazy schedules.
It doesn't help that they each go to a different schools.
It has been so fun to see how much each of  these
sweet girls have grown over the summer.
At the begining of the summer two of these girls could not swim.
Two of these sweet girls would not even put their face in
 the water, mine being the biggest scaredy cat.

This week we celebrated the girls and their awesome new skills!!!
I can't even  begin to tell you how grateful I am for such
 an amazing friend that taught my daughter how to swim.
I mean really, she is awesome!!!!!!!
We all gathered by the pool to cheer for the girls.
Great Grandma Jo had to judge the cannon ball contest, they all won!

Bubba, Daddy, Nana, Great Grandma Jo, Me, and even Stanley came to watch the show.
I have some great video of their water ballet. :)
I don't think I am ready for summer to end.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


The other day we were getting ready for our adventure to the zoo.
I asked who she wanted to come with us.
When we went down the list of friends she wanted to
come I have to say I was surprised when cousin Andrea was on the list.
There are 3 1/2 years between Regan and Andrea so in the past
she has not thought of her as a friend and more of "the little cousin
 that follows me around and drives me crazy."
If Regan's favorite color is yellow than it will quickly be Andrea's favorite as well.
If Regan like's a certain food than Andrea will like..... ok, so you get the picture.
In the past this would drive Regan crazy and she would run to me asking me to help.
So, when Regan told me that she wanted her to come with us to the zoo I was super excited!!!
I called up Tio Max and said "Ok, we will be at your house
 in ten minutes and we are taking Andrea to the zoo... have her ready."
Luckily he did not mind our last minute plans and was more than happy to let me "steal" her.
I loaded up my van with Regan, Bubba, and cousin Andrea and we were off.

I am so grateful that Regan and Andrea are becoming sweet friends.

I am so grateful that she has a cousin that lives in the
same city that we get to play with often.

I am so grateful for moments like this!!!!

Speaking of cousins...... I am SOOOOO excited becasue my kids are going to get to play with some other cousins of theirs very soon!!!! We are headed to TEXAS baby!!!! All of my family lives there and Bubba has not been to Texas in SIX years. I know crazy right. He has either been to sick or I was too scared and Regan and I would just go for a girls weekend.  I am so excited for his cousins to get a chance to re-meet him. Several of them have not seen him in 6 + years. So, I need your help my blogger mom friends. Do any of you live in the Dallas area??? Well, if you do can you please tell me of some fun, Bubba safe things we can do with him while we are there. Heaven knows this little boy of mine has to stay busy!!!! Thanks Y'all!!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Work it girl!!! {It's tradition!}

It's that time again!!!
Our summer is slowly coming to an end.
We have two more weeks before school starts. :(
With gearing up for school also comes a fun tradition...
fashion show!!!
Remember LAST year or maybe you remember the YEAR BEFORE.
Every year it gets bigger with more friends and MORE fun!

The stage was set and then it was time to..........

Work it!!!

Regan's friend was a little scared, she walked with her. 
and just like that she was done! 

Like last year, Bubba was just happy that we didn't make him walk the runway!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Good bye ol' friend.......

When Bubba was five years old we were blessed by the
Make A Wish foundation
with this AMAZING computer desk for Bubba.
We put off making his wish for years becuase we wanted to
make sure that it was for Bubba and it wasn't something that we wanted, like a fancy trip.  
As soon as Bubba got a hold of the mouse we knew we made the right choice. 
For the past six years this wonderful desk has entertained him for hours.... 
It has often gotten him in trouble. :) 

Last night we said good bye to this wonderful desk.
Bubba has gotten too BIG for it, it is dangerous.
We know that our friends will enjoy it as much as Bubba and Regan did.
I had to take one last picture before we said good bye.
Six years later and with LOTS of  wonderful memories
 we said good bye to our dear old friend.