Wednesday, August 24, 2011


The other day we were getting ready for our adventure to the zoo.
I asked who she wanted to come with us.
When we went down the list of friends she wanted to
come I have to say I was surprised when cousin Andrea was on the list.
There are 3 1/2 years between Regan and Andrea so in the past
she has not thought of her as a friend and more of "the little cousin
 that follows me around and drives me crazy."
If Regan's favorite color is yellow than it will quickly be Andrea's favorite as well.
If Regan like's a certain food than Andrea will like..... ok, so you get the picture.
In the past this would drive Regan crazy and she would run to me asking me to help.
So, when Regan told me that she wanted her to come with us to the zoo I was super excited!!!
I called up Tio Max and said "Ok, we will be at your house
 in ten minutes and we are taking Andrea to the zoo... have her ready."
Luckily he did not mind our last minute plans and was more than happy to let me "steal" her.
I loaded up my van with Regan, Bubba, and cousin Andrea and we were off.

I am so grateful that Regan and Andrea are becoming sweet friends.

I am so grateful that she has a cousin that lives in the
same city that we get to play with often.

I am so grateful for moments like this!!!!

Speaking of cousins...... I am SOOOOO excited becasue my kids are going to get to play with some other cousins of theirs very soon!!!! We are headed to TEXAS baby!!!! All of my family lives there and Bubba has not been to Texas in SIX years. I know crazy right. He has either been to sick or I was too scared and Regan and I would just go for a girls weekend.  I am so excited for his cousins to get a chance to re-meet him. Several of them have not seen him in 6 + years. So, I need your help my blogger mom friends. Do any of you live in the Dallas area??? Well, if you do can you please tell me of some fun, Bubba safe things we can do with him while we are there. Heaven knows this little boy of mine has to stay busy!!!! Thanks Y'all!!!!


Foursons said...

Oh man, I'm near San Antonio 5 hours away!!!! So disappointed you won't be closer. I don't have any places to advise you of, but good luck!

Keeping Up with The Jones's said...

What part of Texas will you guys be in? I have a friend who live out in Fort Worth, let me message her to see what fun activities are out there :)

Rochelleht said...

Oh, I REALLY want to see you when you come. If that is possible. Which I know, is really really hard when you are visiting family. When are you coming? Please email me. The zoo will be too tough for Bubba. It's still 105+ every day. NO cloud cover whatsoever. But the newly remodeled Fort Worth Science Museum is amazing. You would LOVE the Dallas World Aquarium. Bubba would love it. So would Regan. Anyway, I'll think of more things and let you know, but shoot me an email with your deets.

Anonymous said...

Crazy heat wave across Texas. If you have Auto Club, get a Texas AAA book, they have children's activities listed....have fun.

Stephanie said...

Hi Julie!

We took a trip out to Dallas as a family this summer to visit my brother and his wife. I will tell you what we did and you can look into it to see if it would work for you.

First we stayed one night at the Great Wolf Lodge (you should google this place). It has a HUGE indoor waterpark. So it won't be out in the sun for Bubba. They have these big water slides that you can go down doubles in intertubes. They also have others you go down in a raft. Plus a lazy river and wave pool and splash pad type sprayers and a kiddie pool area. The rooms are attached to the water park so you can easily take a break and go back to the room for a while. The water park is only open to guests of the hotel. My brothers family actually stayed at the hotel one night too so we could all go to the water park together. It was super fun (especially at night when my sil took care of my baby and noble).

We also went to the legoland discovery play area in this big outlet mall (also near the great wolf lodge.) It was okay. If you stay at the GWL you can buy discount tickets which are a better deal. It is best to go early in the morning to avoid the crowds. This was great for kids. Has a Buzz Lightyear type ride and then a 4 D movie and some mini skyscape of Dallas made of legos thing and some play areas.

We also went to the childrens museum and saw the dolphin IMAX movie there. The museum was fun and my kids could have spent LOTS more time there. It is huge and has lots of interactive exhibits.

We also did the arboretum but i think it will be too hot for you to do that.

Email me if you want to "chat" more about this.
stephaniewaite at gmail dot com

love ya,

judy said...

hi! i was looking for a blog about the Presley family (the celebrity one LOL) but i've found your blog, all i can say is that from what i saw you're the happiest family i've ever seen!!! your kids are so lucky to have parents like you and a loving family! sorry for my english but i write from Treviso, Italy!!! bye!!! keep on enjoying and loving life :) kiss, Rita