Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Bubba has too many girlfriends....."

Tuesday we met up with some friends to play at the Aquarium of the Pacific. We have not seen these friends for a while. You see, sweet little Bailey had to have major surgery on her back {a metal rod put down her back}. Then she got very sick after the surgery, it was very scary. So, we were beyond excited when she was able to come out and play!!!! While we were walking through the Aquarium Regan looked up at me and said "Bubba has too many girlfriends..". I just smiled and couldn't help but giggle a bit. He does have a lot of girlfriends... young and old. Hey, how can you not just LOVE Bubba. :)
Not only did Bubba and Bailey get to see each other
but Regan and Brooke were so excited to catch up. 
When the girls were little there were "issues" in the Bubba and Bailey's class.
So, Bailey's wonderful Mommy and I would trade off volunteering in the
 classroom while the other watched the younger sister. Our girls had so
much fun and were together all the time.  Then before we new it Regan and
Brooke were both in pre-school and play dates became few and far between. 

By the end of our time together at the Aquarium the
girls had planned a play date for next week!
I love their special little friendship and the fact that
 neither of them are bothered by drool. wink!

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