Thursday, August 18, 2011


When I married my sweet heart almost 12 years ago, really 12 years!!, I was lucky enough to not only get an eternal best friend out of the deal BUT I also got two AMAZING parents. (in laws) Seriously, my Mother and Father in law are two of the most AMAZING people I know. Before I was even an "official" daughter my MIL was hard at work making my wedding dress. She put so many hours into making sure that it was just right. When Bubba was little she came to EVERY doctor’s apt. with me. She has held me, wiped away my tears, and pushed me to be stronger on my weak days. My wonderful FIL has listened to me cry and helped me with family "issues". When my van over heated one day and I could not get a hold of hubs my next call was to my FIL, with in minutes he was at the gas station and came to our rescue. I have SOOO many stories about how wonderful both of them are BUT I just want to share with you want an amazing support they have been this summer. I won't lie this summer has been HARD. Bubba is up to 43 pounds now; he's getting to be a fatty! Anytime that my sweet MIL or FIL come with me to Disneyland or on any other adventure they will not let me lift him. They will happily take over that chore and give my back a break. I had to take Bubba into the hospital the other day because he was having "issues" and with out even thinking about Nana took Regan for the night so that I could focus all of attention on Bubba.
Nana and Papa took Regan to go and see Marry Poppins and get her a much needed break from her sweet Bubba.

We received a pair of tickets to the circus from the Ronald McDonald house and of course Jason was working and I needed to care for Bubba. Regan was so sad at the thought of not going. I called up Papa and despite being tired from a very hard week at work he agreed to take her. She had a blast!!!

At the beginning of the summer Nana promised Regan that if she learned to swim she would take her to San Diego on one of Papa’s business trips. Nana made good on her deal yesterday. She came home so excited tonight and had so much to tell me about! I am SOOO grateful for my wonderful Mother and Father (in-law just doesn’t even sound right.) They are such a HUGE blessing in my life and I am so grateful that for the past twelve years I have had them to turn to. I don't know if I could make it through this summer with out them.

Today Nana and I took the kids to the Discovery Science Center.
So much fun!!! 

Then while having lunch Bubba started having seizures.
We grabbed the kids and were out of there in no time.
Nana helped catch  vomit on the way home and then took Regan to swim.

I don't know what I would ever do with out my wonderful Mother and Father in law.
They are the best!!!!
I love y'all TONS!!!!


Anonymous said...

I had a friend with in-laws like you have - you are so fortunate- and she referred to them as her in0loves - she was always off with her mother-in-love :)

Susan said...

That certainly gives all of us who are in-laws something to emulate, doesn't it? Thanks for writing this appreciative post for them. I'm sure they feel equally blessed!

Rachel said...

I'm like you.

"In-laws" just doesn't sound right.

We are so blessed to have these treasures in our lives! God is SO good!