Sunday, August 14, 2011

We ended with a BANG!!!

If not me, who?
If not now, when?
If I don't slow myself down to play with my children, get on the ground and make trains, make cakes out of moon sand, paint, laugh, read books, teach them about Jesus, or take advantage of each good day then who will?
If I don't do it TODAY then when will I? The laundry will still be there tomorrow..... my back will still hurt but some day I will be unable to lift and carry my Bubba.... the dishes will wait.... the tv can be turned crafts will still be there..... soon they will be in school and I will have more time than I want to catch up on the things that are getting put to the side.
I LOVE being a mother, it is the greatest gift, blessing, challenge, reward, calling, and job I could have ever imagined! Motherhood is the most challenging thing I have ever done in my life BUT it is also the most rewarding!!! I LOVE that the little things are the big things sewn into the family tapestry by thousands of threads of love, faith, discipline, sacrifice, patience, and work. I am so grateful for all of the little moments that quickly become BIG ones with my children. I am grateful that God trusted me to care for two amazing children. There isn't anything else in th world that I would rather be than Bubba and Regan's Mommy.

On Friday we ended our week with a BANG!!!
On Bubba's list.......
ride a BUS!!!!
We invited some friends to come on our adventure with us. The morning of our adventure their Mommy called and said that they could not come becuase she was not able to come. I could hear them crying in the back. Then before I even knew it I was saying... "Oh, drop them off... I can take them all... no problem." Before I knew it I was loading 1 Great Grandma Jo, 1 four year old, 2 seven year olds, and 1 Bubba onto the city bus. For a second I thought to myself.... am I crazy???  
Bubba was SOOOO excited!!!
He was watching and yelling for the bus to come!!! 
The girls were just as excited as Bubba to be on the bus. 

Where did we take our bus ride you ask???? 
Why, to ride a train OF COURSE! 
We went to the mall where we rode the train, did a little shopping, had lunch, and just had fun! 
Then it was time to head home... 

I think Bubba was happy to mark this one off the list!
Oh, and I managed to get home with everyone..... no one was left behind. wink!
(I can mark that off my list!)
I think that we will have to do this again before we head back to school.
Who wants to come on a Bus ride with us????


Kenny said...

Call us next time you go! Harrison has been dying to ride the bus for YEARS and we are the bad parents that keep forgetting to take him. ;)

Rachel said...

Save me a seat! My last bus ride was a very scary one to a hospital in LA! Yours sound much more fun!

Foursons said...

I thought for sure the last thing on the list was the aquarium but of course it's a bus ride! How fun!

Susan said...

If Missouri was a hop, skip and jump from you, I'd be standing in line, waiting for the bus ride with Bubba. It's so fun to see pictures of Bubba THAT excited about riding a bus. What a lovely group of fellow travelers you had! Yes, spending quality time with children IS the most rewarding task in life! (and the most FUN!!)

Anonymous said...

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