Sunday, August 31, 2008

Our last days of summer!

Regan starts school this next week and I will not have my baby girl home with me every day!! :( Heaven knows what I will do with out her. So, this week we made sure to enjoy every second of our last days of summer. As most of you know Collin has been going to day camp at Ability First for the past four weeks. Regan and I took advantage of our time together!!! Collin was not feeling well the first couple of days and had to stay home BUT the other days we played!!!

We played cars with friends!

Played in the water with friends!

Play with friend at the park!

Friday was Collin's last day at camp. Collin got the best 1 to 1 aid Fabrisio. He worked so well with Collin and kept him safe from the sun, heat, and everything else!! Collin just adored him! April is the director of the camp and works with us so much!!! THANK YOU for a great summer!!!! Ability First is who we raised money for with the Marathon this past year. We will be doing it again next year so get ready! wink!!! They deserve it!!!!
We have two more days left before school.... there is a lot that we can do in two days!! wink!!!
OH, and one more thing this week. Regan went on her first "date". We were eating lunch and the Damp family walked in. They have three cute boys! Conner, the youngest, and Regan get along VERY well!! So, he decided to ditch his family and eat with her. I think I am in trouble. Look at how she is looking at him. OH no!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Visit from Uncle Bubba!

This past weekend we got a visit from this guy...

Uncle Bubba

The kids were very excited to see him and had lots of fun

Wrestling and laughing

Good night Cuddles

Flying through the air

which made LOTS of these!

And LOTS of these!

I was one happy sister enjoying my family fix from Texas!

You can't come to our house with out a trip to Disney. So, we met up with Poppie at Down Town Disney for breakfast!

Thanks Uncle Bubba for playing with us while you were in town for work!! We love you!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Are there slip in slides in Heaven?

Regan has been asking a lot about Heaven lately. So, I thought I would share this conversation that took place. (It is mostly for my own record.... but I hope you enjoy it.)

Regan: "Mommy what is Heaven?"
Mommy: "Heaven is where our Heavenly Father and Jesus live and all of our beautiful angels that watch over us." I was trying to keep it simple ... remember she is only 4. wink!
Regan: "I don't want to go there."
Mommy: "You will love Heaven. In Heaven Collin will be able to walk and play with you. He will chase you and say I love you Sissy."
Regan: "Will he say I love you mommy?"
Mommy: "Yes, and he will sing us songs and give us hugs."
Regan: "Oh MOMMY you know what would be good for Bubba"
Mommy: "What?"
Regan: "Slip n Slides.. Do they have Slip n Slides in Heaven?"
Mommy: stunned by that "uhhh I am not sure."
Regan: "Well, they need Slip n Slides in Heaven because Bubba would love to do it by himself."
Mommy: "Yes, Regan it would be Heaven to see Collin do a slip n slide by himself."

Ok, one more Regan story....
Tonight Collin started having seizures on the way home from church. When we got home I was trying to get everything together and set up for him. Regan had taken out ALL of her puzzles and brought them into the living room. I asked her to please put them away. She then replied "No mommy I can't I am having a party." She could tell that I was not happy with that response. She quickly followed with.. "a get well party for Bubba." Ok, how could i get on to her after she said that. I then went into her room latter to ask her yet again to pick up her mess in the living room. As she was coloring she replied "I can't... Uhmmm.. I am making Bubba a get well card." She is to sweet to him BUT she is figuring out how to use these hard times to get out of chores!! She is to smart!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Need your feed back!!!

Ok, everyone I need your feed back!! I want to put up a couple of "diva" Halloween costumes on my ETSY site. This is the first of them. It is a Mariposa (butterfly) costume that Regan wanted me to make. It would include the dress, wings, and butterfly clip. So, what do you think.... should I do it?? What would you pay???

What are you loving this week?

This has been a good week!! I love good weeks! So, I thought that I would share some of the things that I am enjoying about this week.

I loved pushing these two around in a wheel chair at Disney Land on Tuesday! What a great work out!!! wink!

I loved being able to see a moment like this. How many kids are lucky enough to have a Great Grandma???

I love seeing these two play together. Collin ADORES Regan and loves it when she plays with him!

I love the smile that he gets when they are playing!

I love this picture of Collin waiting for the doctor with no pants on! Collin weighed in at 29 pounds and is almost 42 inches tall!!! (8 year check up!)

I love my little chef! She always wants to help! I love it that when we make salad she eats half of it before it gets to the bowl!


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Garden Party Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

Garden Party Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!
Check out this adorable dress on Grosgrains give away!!! I LOVE it!!! Check this site often she has the cutest little things for girls!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

CONGRATS Eric and Mallory!!!

Yesterday was a fun day!! Jason's little cousin Eric was married in the Los Angeles temple. Jason and I were both able to be there. Thank you Laura and Pat for your help with the kids!!!! Here are some pictures that I took....

Family photo!

My sweet husband made such a beautiful brides maid!! wink!!

Then it was off to party!!!!! We headed back to LA to the hotel that they had their reception at. Regan was so excited to see her Aubrey! All of the little cousins had a blast dancing together before everyone even finished their food!

Collin spent the night like this.....
All of the people, music, etc. was just to much. He has such a hard time. We had to leave early and head home. Regan was so upset to leave her cousins. As soon as we got home Collin started having seizures. It had to have been one of the scariest episodes that he has had. He vomits then passes out while having a seizure. Well, during one of his seizure one of my worst fears came true. He started choking on the vomit and could not breath. I started screaming for Jason. I couldn't seem to help him. His poor eyes were just so big staring at me... as if they were saying are you going to help me? Jason ran in and got him and was able to clear his air way. He had a hard time breathing for a while. Jason and I were both scared to tears. I am so grateful that Collin is doing OK. I truly feel blessed. I am so grateful for temples and eternal families!!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Busy Update!!

Sorry for the lack of updates. Our internet has been down. So, I have lost of e-mail so catch up on and update our blog. This has been a very fun and busy weekend and start to the week!!! Friday night Regan and I drove up to my mom's house in Apple Valley. She is going to have yet another surgery soon.... she is just falling apart! wink!! So, while we were there we had fun going to the dr., running errands, and taking the dogs for a walk!! When Regan went in "her" room this is what she found! BOOTS!!! Tons of BOOTS!! If you know Regan you know she is a girl that loves her boots. So, when she walked in to find not one but five pair of new rain boots she was over the moon!! Poppie found a great deal and just couldn't pass it up! We also made a trip to Sonic!! They just opened a Sonic up there and mom and I were very excited to go and get cherry lime aids!!!

On Monday night for FHE we decided to Disney Land and get our annual passes. Our passes expired a couple months ago and with Collin not feeling well and everything else we just put it off!! Both of the kids were SOOOO excited to go back! It was so fun to see Collin feeling well and having a blast on all of his favorite rides!!!

This is how the night ended.... Collin in tears and Regan crashed!!!

On Tuesday night Regan and Jason went on a Daddy Daughter Date Night with Skippy and Belen! They went to an Angels game!! (Regan's first baseball game ever!) The girls were so excited!!!