Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Visit from Uncle Bubba!

This past weekend we got a visit from this guy...

Uncle Bubba

The kids were very excited to see him and had lots of fun

Wrestling and laughing

Good night Cuddles

Flying through the air

which made LOTS of these!

And LOTS of these!

I was one happy sister enjoying my family fix from Texas!

You can't come to our house with out a trip to Disney. So, we met up with Poppie at Down Town Disney for breakfast!

Thanks Uncle Bubba for playing with us while you were in town for work!! We love you!!


Mark T said...

Your welcome, and I had a blast as well. I love your family, and enjoy spending time with you guys. Thanks for allowing me to stay over and hang out with your family.

Christamae said...

Sorry that I haven't been by, I was pretty sick. I love how you guys always take every good moment of health to make good memories and have fun. BTW, for the costume, I think most people would pay $35-$50 for that...You do great work!