Sunday, August 31, 2008

Our last days of summer!

Regan starts school this next week and I will not have my baby girl home with me every day!! :( Heaven knows what I will do with out her. So, this week we made sure to enjoy every second of our last days of summer. As most of you know Collin has been going to day camp at Ability First for the past four weeks. Regan and I took advantage of our time together!!! Collin was not feeling well the first couple of days and had to stay home BUT the other days we played!!!

We played cars with friends!

Played in the water with friends!

Play with friend at the park!

Friday was Collin's last day at camp. Collin got the best 1 to 1 aid Fabrisio. He worked so well with Collin and kept him safe from the sun, heat, and everything else!! Collin just adored him! April is the director of the camp and works with us so much!!! THANK YOU for a great summer!!!! Ability First is who we raised money for with the Marathon this past year. We will be doing it again next year so get ready! wink!!! They deserve it!!!!
We have two more days left before school.... there is a lot that we can do in two days!! wink!!!
OH, and one more thing this week. Regan went on her first "date". We were eating lunch and the Damp family walked in. They have three cute boys! Conner, the youngest, and Regan get along VERY well!! So, he decided to ditch his family and eat with her. I think I am in trouble. Look at how she is looking at him. OH no!!


Titel Troop said...

I can't believe summer is almost over huh!!!! My kids have been in school about a month already. Year round.....but I still can't believe my little girl is in kindergarten...when did she grow up??? You'll feel the same! I love the picture of her flirting with the boy!! Too cute. Tell Jason he needs to by a shot gun before she turns 16!!

carrfamily4 said...

Looks like you guys had a fun week. I am glad to see that you guys got to do so many things. Is your daughter starting kindergarten or preschool. The boys are starting preschool next week and they can't wait. We need to get together soon. I am glad that collin had a great time at his summer camp.


The Gray Family said...

oh that last picture makes me will have your hands full! I can't believe she is old enough to be in school already...where did the time go???