Monday, September 1, 2008

Count down to school take one

Collin woke up hurting!!! It was not a fun morning starting at 6 am. So after giving him meds I did what anyone else would do. I called Nana and asked if she wanted to meet us at Disney Land. It was such a beautiful cloudy morning!! Such a perfect Collin day! We met up when Disney Land opened. She had Andrea, Collin and Regan's cousin. We had a blast getting in lots of rides. Collin is a Make A Wish kid so he doesn't have to wait in any line, not even the disability lines. So, we can go for a couple of hours and get a lot done. wink!! Collin was so happy and his pain just disappeared. That is the main reason why we love Disney Land so much. It is Collin's escape from the pain. Some people laugh at how often we go BUT we have learned over the years to make every second count on the good days. On the bad days if possible we try to find ways to help him forget about or distract him from the pain that he is in. Some days it works and other days we have to come home shortly after arriving. Either way it is such a comfort and reassurance to know that we have such a comfort for him in Disney Land. It is also fun to see Disney through his eyes. He is such a "normal" little boy while we are there. He gets excited about rides, has a fit if we can't go on the ride he wants, and his face just lights up the second he sees the tram coming around the corner. If you haven't ever been with us to Disney Land call me up and schedule a day. You will look at it a whole different way!!

Latter in the day Tio Max and Aunt Crystal met up with us!

We had fun enjoying every second of a good day!!!


Mandy said...

Disneyland is truly a magical place and I am so glad that it is an escape for you Collin and for you guys, what a blessing to live so close.

Amy & Kyle said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so glad Collin had a good day at Disney!!! What a cute family all of you make!