Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer fun!

It is time to play catch up....

Serisously, we are just having way to much fun to stop and blog.

I can't even begin to tell you how EXCITED I am to be having the summer that we are having!

We are not doing as much as we have in the past BUT it is SOOO much more than I thought would be possible!

I will update more about some of these things later but for now sit back and enjoy {this long} over due summer post!

At the begining of the month Regan went with Nana and Pa Pa to Arizona and the Grand Canyon.

This is one of those posts that I will write more about later.

I am so grateful that Regan has such loving grandparents that go out of their way to include her and give her memories that we can not.

I have to admit though... the green eyed monster comes out in these moments.

Yup, I got a little jealous. ;-(

Oh, how I wish we could create these memories as a family.

{Hug your healthy kidos! If you can pick up and go on a family hike, go to the beach as a famiy, go for family vacations with out having to worry about how far away to the closest hospital is, or how many dr. apts you have that week... be grateful!!! PLEASE don't take those simple things for granted.}

Aun Dawn, Uncle Troy, and cousins met up in AZ to make
 some special memories with my girl!

While Regan was away we.....
 Spent another long day of treatment in infusion....
went on a date with my boys.....
Bus ride to lunch:-)

 I got to go on a date with me and my favorite boy, just the two of us at Disney!
We rode Big thunder Mt. 4 times in a row.
They made me take him off and then reload him each time....
My back was KILLING me by the end but he was in HEAVEN!
Then my girl came home!

and these two best buds were back together!!!

So, we celebrated with lunch with the girls! ;-)
We have had dance PARTAYS in the car....

and made shopping trips adventures!
Bowling fun!

Science Center fun!

Date night with Daddy to an Angels game!!

Ok, I guess I am done for now.... I am on BUBBA'S computre {or so he thinks} and he is yelling at me!

I will post more with better pics... for now phone pics will have to do.

We are having fun enjoying every second of every good day.

We are slowly marking things off of our summer bucket list.

We are making memories!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bubba's birthday... {the last one}

This day was special for so many reasons, not only did it feel like a special birthday but it also felt like a victory!!!

It is hard to believe that earlier this year the doctors were talking about palliative care.

It would have been easy to agree and say OK... this is it... BUT Bubba made it clear that he wasn't done fighting!

Bubba made it very clear that this year was simply just a hard chapter in his inspiring life.

We have been overwhelmed by love and support from our friends and family as we struggled through each day and each new challenge.

So, we not only wanted to celebrate Bubba but we also wanted to THANK all of those that have been an important  part in our lives, to those of you that have been part of Team Bubba in some way.

We could not have made it to this birthday with out you!!!

Y'all have prayed for him, for us, you believed and had faith in miracles, brought us meals, cried for him, sent him cards and cheer mail, watched Regan while we are at the hospital, been there for me to cry on, you have left to most uplifting and sweet notes on this blog and FB, you that contributed to Bubba's Disneyland pass, you have left sweet gifts on our front porch, you sent text messages, e-mails, and called, ... simply... you loved our family!!


So, with all of this said I thought I would end Bubba's last birthday post with one word....

 LOVE from his awesome teacher....
LOVE from a fellow Hero! 

LOVE from another warrior Momma!

LOVE from other Super Heros....

LOVE from and aid from his last school.....

LOVE from friends that are more like family.........

LOVE from Uncle Bryan.......

LOVE from Nana and Pa Pa......

LOVE from my sweet angles....

LOVE from as many people as we could cram into our backyard.......

LOVE from children that see Bubba simply as a friend........

LOVE from children that know he is deaf and need to SCREAM the happy birthday song....

LOVE that he felt all day long!!!!

THANK YOU to everyone that came to celebrate with us!

After all was said and done Regan wanted to send some Balloons to Bubba's friends in Heaven that could not be here to celebrate with us. This was a simple reminder that this day could have been so different and that we as family WILL NOT take one day for granted.

This is not our last fight but by winning this last battle we have been given a gift by Bubba....

"Inspiration is the gift of those who have experienced life at its most defined moments." Sash Azevedo

He is my Super Hero and inspiration!! ;-)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bubba's 12th birthday {take 3... party time.. details}

One of my favorite parts of a birthday party is all of the little details.
So, I thought I would share a few of my favorites from Bubba's 12th
Patriotic Super Hero Birthday!