Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Hi my name is Collin Bubba!

I was born on July 4th 2000 with Trichothiodystrophy.

My parents were told I would not live to my first birthday.

I have had endless surgeries, treatments, and medications BUT

I am alive, I am STILL FIGHTING!!


HAPPY 12TH BIRTHDAY to my Hero!!


The Story of us said...

Happy birthday Bubba!

Melinda said...

Happy 12th Birthday Bubba!!!!

Love your fans in Switzerland! :)

Susan said...

If I accomplish nothing else today, I want to acknowledge this MONUMENTAL occasion for your family, and especially for Bubba! That he's made it to 12, against such odds--and the predictions of the medical profession--speaks volumes!

♬♪♬ Happy Birthday to YOUUU, Bubba ♬♪♬ I hope you have a happy, pain-free, filled-with-love day! You've taught all of us a lot about courage and stamina. And the rest of you have demonstrated the purest love anyone can have for a son and brother. Lucky, lucky Bubba! Thank you for sharing his journey with us. God's blessings on you all!

Zurmely family said...

happy birthday, collin! we love and miss you so much!!--Uncle Jace, Aunt Shawna, Gavin, Aj and Sydney

Christine said...

Happy birthday Bubba! I hope you're feeling up to some serious rollercoaster time today. You ARE a super hero!

Flyss said...

Happy Birthday Bubba! Love your superhero cape! x

Rochelleht said...

Oh, I LOVE that!!!!


Foursons said...

Happy 12th Birthday Bubba! You are a TRUE hero and no one ever wore a cape better.

lex said...

Happy Birthday, Super Bubba! I wish you happy birthday with love and good wishes. God bless you and your family who provide you with the love and support that sustains you.