Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hard week

Last week was CRAZY...

nothing super horrible but it was just one of those weeks.

{Hence the no blogging.}

Ok, so Monday was a good one.

We went to the Aquarium just the three of us and it was fun!

When we were leaving Regan said and I quote "Mom he's MY BUBBA.. I am going to push him ... OK Momma!"

Tuesday I had the pleasure of fighting.....

Wonderful LA traffic.

To get to this amazing location......

for a shoot.

Congrats to the beautiful couple!!!

As soon as I got back in my car and fought the traffic home I picked up Bubba and headed to....

The hospital with Bubba.

He was having some tummy issues {feeding the in the j and it was coming out of the g}.

Dr. made him go in for an x ray to make sure everything was ok.

We finally got home at 5 pm and had to wait for a call to find out if we would need to go back.

Bubba was in pain and hurting BUT we were happy when we got a call later that night to let us know it was a mobility problem and not a placment or clog in the line. {More meds}

Wed. and Thurs. Bubba, Stanley and I hung out while Regan played with her cousin Andrea and Nana.

Bubba had a rough couple of days and needed to take it easy.

Regan's sweet little cousin Andrea was leaving to move to Texas.

Regan was heart broke.

She had just gone from being the pesky cousin that followed her around every where to a real friend.

Regan insisted on buying her matching best friends neckalces with her own money to give her before she left. :(

On Jason's Day off we all went to get Mani Pedis!

Andrea came and played alot.... we wanted to soak up every last second we could with her before she left.

I got some stuff made for Bubba's birthday next week.

{but not as much as I would have liked.... cuddling
Bubba all day is wonderful but it puts me way behind.}

We started making our Team Bubba t shirts for family and friends that love our Bubba to wear!

More cousin time.

Friday Regan was very sad when we had to cancel a trip to the museum becuase Bubba was having seizures and vomiting..... BUT Nana came to save the day and then the girls came over after they played with Nana.

Great Grandma Jo comforted my sweet girl when she didn't want to say good bye. :-(

Last weel was a hard one....

Saying good bye and pain make for not so fun memories.


our luck started to change yesterday.
We went for a walk and ended up finding ourselves on a freeway overpass. ;)

I think it topped watching busses from the corner.

And today.....

We all made it to church as a family. :-)

This is going to be a CRAZY, wonderful week!

Bubba has 2 dr. apts plus infusion this week.

BUT most important.... We will be partying all week long to celebrate Bubba's 12th birthday!!!!!!

This birthday means even more to us since earlier this year we weren't sure if we would be celebrating it.

So, we are going to PARTY BABY!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

TWELVE?! My goodness! How did that even happen?