Friday, July 20, 2012

Bubba's Birthday {take 2}

I need to play catch up with Bubba's birthday.

Luckily, Bubba's health was good on his birthday so we did our traditional all day of PARTAYING!

We started off at Chuck E Chesse....

I know....

What!?!?! No Disneyland.....

Serisoulsy, crazy .. right!?!?!?

Here's the deal... one, disney is just too much for Bubba on top of a party two, it is always crazy on the 4th and three, Bubba loves Chuck E Cheese!!!

So, we ditched Mickey for the morning to hang out with Chuck! wink!

 His sweet smile was present the entire time we were there!!!  ;-)
{I didn't even make him wear his darn mask.... sorry Dr. wonderful....
That smile was just to precious to cover up!}

  There was never a shortage of people wanting to spend time with him, love him. ;-)

 Team Bubba!
{The family that FIGHTS together... stays together!!}

 Bubba LOVES skee ball!!!

 Then it was time to settle up!

 Bubba didn't a thing.....

this was his prize, spending time with those that love him!

He is the smartest 12 year old I know!....
Who says you need to be able to speak to make peope listen.
Love is a language which the blind can see and the deaf can hear.
- Donald E. Wildman

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Rachel said...

What a wonderful smile for such a wonderful celebration! LOVE that you guys got to have a special day with your superhero! LOVE that contagious smile of his (that's the REAL reason he is supposed to wear that mask, right??? Because his smile is super-contagious??? :)