Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A lesson learned from my 10 year old self.

A little while back I received a friend request on Facebook from someone that I went to Elementary School with. In my OLD age ;) it took me a bit to remember who this friend was. This wasn't the friend that I had sleepovers with or went to the movies with on Friday night but it was a school friend. While I was wracking my brain I received a message from her {that I asked her permission to share with you all} it said..........

Hello stranger! I am way happy I seen you on FB. I know it has been a long time but, I cherish the memories you and I have,...(ok, they may be from Mr.Rabon's 4th grade Art's & Craft's)....but they still count...lol... You never know what a small good gesture will do for someone's soul... I will end in saying Thank you, in that class you made my spirit shine, through the bullies because you stood up for me and I will never forget that, (not sure if you remember) but I do and you continue to be a inspiration to me, you taught me at 10 years old, what I continue to teach my children today.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Team Bubba you are amazing

Has is really been over a month!?!?

 Lately I have had a bad case of the hour syndrome..... there just simply are not enough hours in the day. ;)

This morning I am making the time to sit down and let you know how amazing I think you are Team Bubba.

You have all touched my heart in a such a huge way.

The acts of kindness that have come from you with out a single thought of yourselves is amazing.

So, sit back and let me take a minute to show you how wonderful the people of Team Bubba truly is!!!

My sweet mother single handedly sewed 75 pillowcases for Team Bubba!!
I have no doubt that my boy was smiling down at his Poppie as she worked so hard to honor him.
The sweetest Girl Scout troop sewed pillowcases as one of their activities.
I can not wait to see what this rising generations of good doers has to offer this world!!
We had a sweet friend donate pillowcases on behalf of Team Bubba to her local hospital that took care of her little one when she was born. LOVE!!!!
Bubba's elementary teacher and aids supported Team Bubba!!! Love her.
Bubba's middle school teacher, aids, and wonderful people from her church donated to Team Bubba!
{I love that the wonderful people that took care of Bubba so loving are continuing to love and care for him now.}
Bubba's aid Miss Sherrie donated in support of Team Bubba.
She is so much more than an aid or friend..... during our hardest hours she became part of our family.
I had the wonderful opportunity to go and speak to an amazing group of women, from The church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints, about Team Bubba.
After speaking with them...... 
the women got to work. 
I was so inspired by so many sweet souls that gave up their Saturday to come and support Team Bubba! 

When all was said and done 150 pillow cases were made and donated to Miller Children's hospital!!!
{along with 50 blankets!}
My sweet girl asked her teacher if she could do a Team Bubba pillowcase project presentation to her class. Regan along with two of her friends got up and talked about Team Bubba.... at one point she got chocked up talking about her big Bubba but she pushed through and did amazing!!!
Because of their amazing presentation classmates started to bring in pillowcases. :)
One sweet online friend single handedly sewed 50 pillowcases for Team Bubba!!!!
This sweet friend is amazing! When Bubba was little she surprised us by pulling pictures from the blog and making a couple of very special photo albums for him. Bubba loved pictures as much as his Momma... he lived through them... so this sweet gift was so loved by him that it started to fall apart.
Another sweet package came from someone that made a pillowcase for each one of her children and grandchildren in Bubba's name. Go Team Bubba!!
We have received pictures like this were people have made their own Team Bubba sewing parties!!
We have had lots of friends and family come to our home to drop off pillowcases! 

This next one gets me every time.
Ability First Adult program made pillowcases for Team Bubba.
I was so humbled to see this wonderful organization finding ways to look past their disabilities and focus on their abilities as they supported Team Bubba. 
Despite the daily changes that each of these sweet friends face they were only focused on "those babies" and doing something good for them. My heart is full and I am better for the morning I was able to spend with them and the wonderful people of Ability First.
Thank you!!!... and I love you Jeri Ellen
{Jeri is Regan and Bubba's adopted aunt.} 
I was so blessed to meet an amazing woman, Susan, at another charity event over the summer.She has a wonderful charity Binkeez for comfort that sews and donates quilts to those that need a little extra comfort. She asked me if we would like her extra fabrics and before we knew it there was a HUGE box of fabric at our door!!! This wonderful fabric has been put to good use!! Thank you Binkeez for comfort!!!!
Regan and her activity Day group made pillowcases for Team Bubba proving once again that this rising generation will be one with huge caring hearts!
I was privileged to go an speak with another group of wonderful women and....... 
after speaking with them these sweet women came together on behalf of Team Bubba and......
donated 80 pillowcases!
Bubba's buddy's sweet Momma was busy sewing away for Team Bubba!!!
Thank you Chloe!
My cousin's little girl sewed these pillowcases on behalf of a cousin she never was able to meet.
So touching to feel the love all the way in Arkansas! Love y'all!
We were invited to speak at a Young Single adult event where the entry fee was a pillowcase for Team Bubba!!! It was amazing to see the pillowcases just coming in!!!
So grateful for all of the amazing Team Bubba sewing Marathons!!!
I want to thank each and everyone of you that took the time to make pillowcases, purchase them, or purchase fabric!!!! Y'all are amazing! This year I am humbled once again by how HUGE your giving hearts are. Each year I am humbled to see so much service being done in my little boy's name. I have no doubt that he is smiling down on each of you and is SOO proud of you! I truly believe that by doing small acts of kindness we can do great things!!!!
I wanted to end this post by showing you that a simple act of service truly does make a huge difference. Thank you Team Bubba!!!