Friday, August 28, 2009

We spell fun... F..A..M..I..L..Y!!!

We LOVE it when family comes to play!!! On Thursday my mom and coach came down to meet up with us at Disney Land. We talked coach into leaving her here BUT only if we promised to return her unharmed! wink!! We have had a blast having Poppie here to play with us. I think the kids favorite part has been the early morning loves they get.....

Friday was Collin's last day of Summer day camp and they were going on a Field trip. Despite wanting to keep home with us to play we decided to let him go and have fun with his friends. So, after dropping Bubba off at camp us girls headed to the beach!

After we picked up Bubba from camp we went Bowling!!!!

To end the day on a perfect note we decided to have Funky Junky game night. Everyone got to pick out their favorite treat and then we shared until our belly's just couldn't take any more! wink!!! Regan was always the winner of the games..... (She did have Daddy on her team) big surprise there! wink!!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Taking in every last bit of summer!!!!

We are taking in every last bit of SumMeR............
I am so sad that school is about to start in just two short weeks... tear... tear.
I am just not ready for it. I will be entering into a whole different
phase of my life. Both of my children will be in school!!!! I will have a
Kindergartner and a fourth grader this year... BIG tear... tear.
The part that I am struggling the most with in this
new phase is loosing my one on one time with Regan.
Even when she was in pre-school we still had a good amount
of time to do things just the two of us.
VERY soon that time will be gone.
Here is the reason that it freaks me out so much....
When Collin is home he takes SOOOOO much of my time.
So, when Regan gets jealous I will remind her of the fun we
had that morning at the park....ect.
Some how I have to find a way to balance this new
scary phase... It really freaks me out!!!!!
So, with all of this said Regan and I have been living up every
last second that we have just the two of us this week!
Collin's summer day camp will end in a day and these moments
of just the two of us will be harder to come by.
So, what did we do?....
We met friends at the beach and stayed there for 3 1/2 hours.

looked for crabs and other creatures in the walls...
and just had fun!!!

We went to Disney Land and did things that Bubba doesn't care for
BUT Regan LOVES... she even made a list.

We rocked out at playhouse Disney....
then we headed over to Turtle Talk
and Regan got to ask Crush a question
"what are you going to be for Halloween?"
We stood in line so see this princess!
Regan had a blast in the water!!!!!

AND she got to pick out what we had for lunch!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Watch out X Games here comes Bubba!

Maybe just maybe some day they will have a skate

boarding event at the Special Olympics, and when they do Bubba

will be READY!!!!!

I think Collin would say if he could....


He might not be able to stand on his sweet little feet....

so what can I say... we have to get creative around here.

What do you think of his make shift skate board?????

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Always Be Prepared!

I LOVE this little girl.
She is so cute!
The other day it was cloudy.
So, what did she do?
She ran back inside and proceeded to
put together this lovely ensemble.
It never rained. Nope, not one drop.
BUT she was prepared.
OH, I LOVE my sweet little girl!
She makes my heart smile!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Suprise Family night.....

On Monday Jason had a great idea. "Let's pick Collin up early from camp and head to Disney Land." Regan and I both agreed that a fun night at Disney Land would be the perfect FHE! It was so fun looking back at Collin and waiting for him to realize where we were headed. Needless to say he was .............
VERY, VERY, VERY excited!!!
We went on a couple rides just the four of us but then we met up with some friends we asked to join us.......

We were so lucky that they came when they did because we were in need of some....
Then the kids acted up so we stuck them in a cage.......
Katie was a trooper seeing as how the baby will be born any day now. Tyson thought he would help things out by sitting on top of her.
As you can see these two girls just don't love their Daddies at all.... wink!
Do I really need words to describe this one......
The boys and their Daddies flying high!!!!...........
Thanks Jason for such a wonderful idea!
I love Fun family nights!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Today.... I Cried...

Today I cried.

I cried HAPPY tears.

THEY said it was NOT possible.

THEY said that because he is profoundly deaf... he would NOT understand.

THEY said that because of the white matter we shouldn't hold out HOPE.

THEY might NOT even hear what I hear.

I say NEVER give up HOPE.

I say YOU DON'T KNOW MY SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will always need my Mom....

One thing I have learned over the years is that I will always need my Mom. When I was a child I would think that there will come a point in time when I would no longer need to have the help from your parents. As I became an adult myself I came to realize how vital and important those relationships are to me. I have come to realize how much they sacrificed and did so that I could become the person that I am. I am so incredibly grateful for both of my parents. My Mom just happens to be the one that lives close, so often times I lean more on her.

Last week was a VERY hard one with Collin. So, when my mom invited Regan and I up for a girls weekend I jumped at the opportunity. My Mom and her husband had just gotten back from Germany and Holland so they had lots of stories, pictures, and fun things to share about their trip. It is also nice to go and get some sleep. (Collin most nights only wants Mommy) My mother's home has become such an escape for me. When things are very stressful and Jason is ok with me leaving. I will go up there and spend time with one of my best friends, my mom. It rejuvenates me to spend a carefree day with her. Not having to worry about anything. If she catches me worrying she well tell me "Stop worrying Collin is fine. Jason is a good Dad. It is his turn, ok." I don't think I could ever explain how grateful I am for these short trips up to her house. I feel VERY blessed to have a Mom that loves me so much.

What would be a girls weekend with out yummy food. This time we were feeling up for Mexican food... so thank you viva Marias!

We all had a HUGE breakfast. So, when we got back to their home we decided to take the dogs for a walk. Regan LOVES walking the dogs!!!

Then if that wasn't enough to work off our breakfast mom and I took my new bike out for a test run.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Don't forget about me.....

It is hard when Collin gets really sick. Not only because he needs all of our attention but because we still have another child that is very much aware of what is going on. She is to a point where she understands what is happening to him, she gets scared by it all, she cries, she hates it, and she need us as well. On a good day Collin is demanding but on a BAD one he needs care EVERY second, he can not be left alone at all. It can be quit hard on all of us. I will never forget when Collin was very sick one time and we were all in a panic. Jason and I were trying to take care of him when my sweet little Regan came up and asked me to play a game with her. I told that her that I couldn't because Collin needed me. I will NEVER forget her response...."Don't forget about me." That comment hit my heart so deep. Since that day I do my very best to make sure that she is not forgotten in all of the madness . This might mean calling up Nana and asking her to come and get her for some special time or if Jason and I are both home we have to make sure that one of us is focusing on our scared little girl.

I mentioned in the last post that Collin got very sick on Sunday it was a HARD day. Then on Monday we woke up to a very weak, hurting, and sick little boy. Collin would not let me put him down at all, he is a bit of a Mommas boy. When he is in pain I can not leave his sight. Jason and I saw that the day was wearing on everyone and there wasn't anything that I could do for Regan. So, Daddy stepped in. Jason and Regan took Collin's glasses to get fixed that he broke and stopped for a lunch date at her favorite place Oh Mc donalds. Then later that night Jason and Regan went on spontaneous Daddy daughter date night to an Angels game. She was beyond excited!

Tuesday rolled around and little man was still not doing so well. He was starting to perk up enough to let me leave for a bit with Regan. She has been begging to get her hair cut since I had to shave off all of Collin's this last time. I sent Hannah a text and asked her if she could work her in. Regan was so excited when I told her that I was going to let her cut her hair short like she wanted. After getting and awesome hair cut from Hannah, that she loved we decided to celebrate her new look. What would be better than cupcakes! Since we were right there we decided to go to Frosted and get some yummy treats!

This morning Collin woke up and was doing much better. He had his strength back and was ready to get out of our house. He was VERY happy to go to camp. After dropping Collin off Regan and I headed to the free summer movies to see Hotel for dogs. After the movie Regan just looked at me and smiled and said "Mommy I am spoiled rotten!" I love that despite all of the craziness this week she came away feeling as though she had been spoiled and that this is what she will remember. It is hard to know that so often when Collin gets sick she takes a back seat with out even complaining about it. It makes my heart smile to think that she felt special knowing that we took the time to not forget about her.