Saturday, August 8, 2009

Simply beautiful days

Simple good days are always the best. Nothing extra special, just a good day. Days can be stressful, filled with vomit, appointments, phone calls fighting with the insurance, trying to get meds taken care of or changed, and all of the other Mommy stuff that needs to be done. So, most days just making it to the end of the day is good. There are some days though, that it just seems easy. I catch myself in these days thinking .... is this really happening???.... could this day really being going so well???? I LOVE these days.

I had one of these days the other day. We didn't do anything extraordinary. I woke up to a day that wasn't scheduled with phone calls or appointments, I didn't have to rush any where, and Collin was having a good day at camp. He had been vomiting at camp the first couple days and I was worried and picking him up early. On this special day I had the wonderful opportunity to watch my sweet little niece while the guys went and watched a guy movie. :) It is always fun to have a baby in our home. Since Jason and I can not have any more children of our own, I welcome the opportunity to watch any little one I can. It was so sweet to watch Regan with Andrea. She is such an amazing big cousin.

When I picked up Collin from camp it was obvious that it had been a good day for him. :) Good days are always wonderful!!!! When we got home Collin and Regan where playing so sweet together. I love these opportunities when I get to witness these sweet little moments and treasure them. I am grateful that I wasn't to busy to stop and watch them play peek a boo in their play house.

I love it that Regan was being so sweet and constantly wanting to give me BIG KISSES. I hate to think that on the not so good days I miss these sweet moments because things are so hectic or Collin is so sick.

I love the little things that make a good day great!

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munyer jerk chicken said...

I love simple days, too, Julie. Thanks for sharing yours and reminding me to enjoy mine!