Friday, August 28, 2009

We spell fun... F..A..M..I..L..Y!!!

We LOVE it when family comes to play!!! On Thursday my mom and coach came down to meet up with us at Disney Land. We talked coach into leaving her here BUT only if we promised to return her unharmed! wink!! We have had a blast having Poppie here to play with us. I think the kids favorite part has been the early morning loves they get.....

Friday was Collin's last day of Summer day camp and they were going on a Field trip. Despite wanting to keep home with us to play we decided to let him go and have fun with his friends. So, after dropping Bubba off at camp us girls headed to the beach!

After we picked up Bubba from camp we went Bowling!!!!

To end the day on a perfect note we decided to have Funky Junky game night. Everyone got to pick out their favorite treat and then we shared until our belly's just couldn't take any more! wink!!! Regan was always the winner of the games..... (She did have Daddy on her team) big surprise there! wink!!!!

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Michelle said...

Gotta love "Funky Junky" night! It's always one of our favorite times together. Looks like you guys have had a blast with Poppy! So glad you were able to have such fun!!! We love and miss you all!