Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween..... {and the give away winner is}

When discussing what we would be for Halloween this year I was so excited that Regan was on borad for an Alice in Wonderland theme. If you remember her birthday than you know why I was excited.... most of my work was done! wink! As always Bubba's costume was my challenge. I like to include his friend the walker in the costume and at times it can be a challenge. {Remember Indiana Jones or the pirate and Halloween past } I have to say that this year his walker was the easy part and turning a dog costume...yes, I said a dog costume into his white rabbit costume was the hardest part. :)
We hope that you all have a safe and wonderful Halloween!!!!
Oh, and the winner of the greenlandz give away
(selected by Regan in a bowl)
Michelle Anthony said...

Sure wish the computer screen was scratch and sniff!! The lovable soy candle looks delightful. I also like the tall green carafe. Beautiful pieces!

Monday, October 25, 2010

{sweet little spirits}

Yesterday was the primary program at Church.
It was so sweet to see all of the little children share
 witness of Jesus Christ and their love for him.
Regan got up and said
"I know Jesus Christ died for me!! ...
and I can be with him again!"
{something along those lines}
Bubba did not have a speaking part
{of course}
but he did go up with the nursery children when they sang.
I love the sweet tender spirit that the children bring to the meeting.
I couldn't help but cry several times while they were singing.
What an amazing testimony of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ
those sweet babes shared.
{I TRIED to snap a couple shots of my babes before we left for church} 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall Fun

Our Fall fun is not complete with out a trip to the pumpkin patch.
We took advantage of the break in the rain and everyone
feeling better today to head to our favorite one!
I have to admit that Pa's Pumpking Patch just isn't as much fun with out our Paw.
My dad is known as Paw and has joined us in our fall fun several times over the years.
Regan always thought it was so funny that she had her Paw with her at Pa's Pumpkin Patch. :)
A family Photo is never an easy thing for us to get. :)

Our fun started on the BIG slide! 

The kids LOVED the spinning thing.
Bubba had a blast {until her fell over.} wink

The train was a favorite to everyone BUT.... 
No one loved it as much as Bubba. 
He has an OBSESSION with trains!!!! 

While the bigger kids went in the bounce house Bubba and Mommy went on the pony. :) 
Regan won a small pumpkin as was so proud of it! 
Then there was more BIG slide......
and LOTS and LOTS..... 
of train rides!! 

{this picture melts my heart} 

Thank you to our Pals for coming to play with us!!! 
Fall just would not be the same with out a trip to Pa's Pumpkin Patch!!!!
Until next year.....
{or maybe next week! wink!}

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Last night was a hard one.
I was called to pick Bubba up from school early because he wasn't feeling well. Then Regan found out..... jealous!!! So, then we fought over homework for two hours. This task would most days only take 15-20 minutes. She said she kept saying that she didn't feel well. Then there was a knock at the door. It was Bubba's nurse's supervisor. I had completely forgotten that she was coming over to asses Bubba. The dinning table was a mess. I was a mess!!! After she left Bubba started to vomit. Jason was working late and missed all of this fun. wink! Then Bubba had a hard BAD night. As I sat up with him in the living room I could hear Regan coughing in her bedroom. So, when morning came and Regan told me she didn't feel well, I didn't fight it. I let her stay home from school with Bubba and I. I had a feeling that she wasn't "really" sick but it was pouring outside and the thought of taking her to school and having to get my sick boy and his wheelchair in and out of the car in the rain to take Regan to school.... well, it was daunting. Regan is getting better with her school issues but we are not to a point where I could just pull up and drop her off. So, I gave in. I was feeling overwhelmed and a little defeated from last night, then I heard Bubba laughing. I looked in the dinning room to see him playing ball all by himself. This might seem like such a simple thing to you but for Bubba this was HUGE. First off, he doesn't play by himself often. Secondly, he was throwing the ball and then bunny hoping around the room to collect it only to then throw it again. As I watching him play such a simple game by himself the tears started to well in my eyes. All I needed was this one simple thing to completely change my attitude, my day. It was beautiful.

{Regan was so excited about this as well that she had to get in on the action with him.}

Monday, October 18, 2010

Our weekend getaway :)

What a fun weekend we had!!! When I say that Jason is my best friend I truly mean it. I know that the phrase “best friend” is thrown around a lot but when I speak of Jason I truly mean it. He is the first person I want to call when I receive good news and the first person I want to hold and comfort me when there is bad news. We have been through a lot in our eleven years of marriage, we have grown up together. I wont lie or try to sugar coat things like it is easy or perfect. Jason and I are both very open about the fact that we have been to marriage counseling a couple of times in our marriage. In the beginning we were young, scared, and thrown LOTS of challenges. With this said, it is the hard and difficult times that mean so much to me. We loved each other enough to FIGHT, WORK, and HOLD on to each other as we figured out what we needed to do. One of the things that we have made a big priority is weekly {if possible} date night. Jason’s parents taught us by example early in our marriage. At times it is hard making sure that Nana or Bubba’s nurse is available to watch our sweet babes BUT it is a priority. So, this weekend was an added bonus to what would be our typical date night.

As we sat at dinner one night on our getaway weekend we talked about our favorite year together. We both agreed that it had to be this past year. It just seems to get better each year. Life is hard, that’s a fact that will never change, but it seems easier when you have your best friend by your side.

I am so grateful for this weekend that Jason and I had to spend together.

We had so much fun!!!

We ate a TON!!!!
Ummm.... Can I just say that the deserts were my fave!!!!
We went and saw Blue Man Group.
We walked around a TON
Oh, and did I mention all of the deserts??
We went on a Gondola ride....
Where this guy sang to us....
and it was pretty romantic. :)
We stayed at the Paris Hotel and one night.....
We went to the top of the tower ....
To see this view of the city......
and maybe kiss a little. :)
We also went to the M&M store {4 stories high} and
the Coca Cola store.
{where I got a diet coke christmas ornament.... thought it was fitting.}
We got Diet Cokes from the fountain and ate Peanut M&M's.
{Bubba is allergic to peanuts so we don't get to do that often} 
We watched some shows on the strip.... 
and we found some.... 
amazing art to look at.
Over all the entire weekend was......
Pretty awesome!!!!