Sunday, October 17, 2010

Round II at the Presley house goes to Bubba.....

Before I can play show and tell with our fun weekend, there is something I must do.

You see this weekend would not have happened with out my wonderful Mother in law.

Yes, Nana made our fun weekend possible.

The last time Jason and I got away for an entire weekend was when I was pregnant with Regan.

Ummm…. Six years ago.

Why did we wait so long in between trips, you ask.

Well, the answer is simple.


You see, our sweet little Bubba does NOT sleep.

Even with the large cocktail of medications we give him every night, he still manages to wake up in pain.

When we got back from our Sedona trip I walked in to find sweet, Nana in tears.

Bubba did her in!

Since then we have kept our trips to local {like Disneyland} over niters.

How in the world did we manage to get away for the weekend this time???

Well, first off…. It has been six years. So, I think MAYBE some of the memories from our last weekend getaway have faded. Wink!

Also, our wonderful evening nurse agreed to come every night while we were away.

She helped Nana give Bubba all of his medications, a bath, and hook him up to his machines.

I felt pretty hopeful that this time it would be different.

Then it happened.

I got a phone call from Nana, in this phone call she told me about her night with Bubba.

He was having a hard time and she was trying to comfort him….. When IT happened.

Bubba gave her a black eye.

Nope…. Not kidding one bit.

It was an accident of course.

His big head met with her eye and well.. You know the rest.

{I have had many black eyes and fat lips from our late night cuddle/ fight sessions but he hasn’t ever given anyone else one before.}

My heart dropped when I heard this.

Then Papa sent me a picture of the damage.

Oh, that poor Nana!!!!

The rest of the time went better….. Or at least that is what she is saying. Wink!

When they came to the airport to pick us up, I gasped when I saw that Nana had TWO black eyes!!!

{I thought I was going to cry}

Then I noticed that the second one was powdery…. Yes, makeup!

Woooohh…what a relief, only one black eye.

So, with all of this said I want to tell our Rocky Nana thank you so much for taking such good care of our babies while we were away. I know that Bubba can be very hard and I am so grateful that you love him enough to endure the hard nights and enjoy the fun days with him. We had so much fun, got SLEEP, and enjoyed being together just the two of us. None of this would have been possible with out you. Thank you again…. SO MUCH!!!!! I think when we go away again….{in six years }…… I will have boxing gloves, helmet, and any other protective gear you will need ready and waiting. Wink! I love you tons!!!! Thank you for loving my Babes so much!!!!

Oh, and I also wanted to say Thank you to Papa and Uncle Bryan for their help with the Babes as well!!! It really does take a village! Wink!


Susan said...

First of all, congratulations on getting away, just the two of you. You're an adorable couple! Secondly, Nana's are known to have really strong spirits, fed by love for their grandchildren, so Nana will be fine and will probably develop a line of jokes about her black eye. Lastly, wishing blessings to a Nana who will do something that benefits everyone so much, including her, when she knows it will not be easy. We learn the most from our hardest tasks. Mostly, we learn how much we can love someone—the true gift in life.

Rachel said...

I'm with Susan - congrats on your weekend away! I read the post with the pictures and you guys look like you rocked it!

I am glad you got away. And I am glad you have such a terrific family. Gosh you guys are loved!