Monday, October 25, 2010

{sweet little spirits}

Yesterday was the primary program at Church.
It was so sweet to see all of the little children share
 witness of Jesus Christ and their love for him.
Regan got up and said
"I know Jesus Christ died for me!! ...
and I can be with him again!"
{something along those lines}
Bubba did not have a speaking part
{of course}
but he did go up with the nursery children when they sang.
I love the sweet tender spirit that the children bring to the meeting.
I couldn't help but cry several times while they were singing.
What an amazing testimony of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ
those sweet babes shared.
{I TRIED to snap a couple shots of my babes before we left for church} 


Simply Sara said...

so, so sweet. i love when we can see their faith grow before our very eyes.

Susan said...