Wednesday, October 13, 2010

and we celebrated...........

Jason does not like parties.
He does not like  us to make a big deal over it.
So, we kept it simple.
Regan and I decorated and blew up LOTS of balloons.
We ate his favorite football food for dinner....
I made all the fixins for ultimate nachos {or tacos}
We imvited our close friends over.
While the Dads played football games on
x-box the kids played in the backyard. 
Thysen pulled Bubba around and around.....
and he smiled :) 

I love that this friendship has turned into..... 
a new generation of buddies!!!!


Susan said...

Sounds like just the kind of party most men really want. I check in here daily just to see Bubba's smile—like the one in the last picture. He's just too wonderful!

Katie said...

I LOVE that Skip and Thyssen are both wearing the same color shirt and Jason and Bubba are both wearing the same color shirt! I want a copy of the one of the little boys to put in thyssen's room!