Wednesday, October 6, 2010

{Skee Ball}

Last week was brutal with the heat and Bubba was a trooper.
We wanted to do something fun with the kids on Saturday
BUT with the heat Disney was out of the question.
So, we decided on another mouse.
Yes, we went to Chuck E Cheese.

Bubba was OBSESSED with the skee ball.

He had us all cracking up.
He would laugh so hard as the balls rolled down the lane.

We each took turns helping him. 

I would go to take him away and he would have a fit!
His usual faves were no longer..... Skee Ball!!!!!

We did manage to get away for a bit to play some other games..... 
and win some tickets. 

BUT we would ALWAYS end up back at Skee Ball!!! 
It was a good day filled with laughs
LOTS of Skee Ball 


Rachel said...

Oh girlie - don't you know that any day with Skee Ball is a great day?!?!

And my kiddo loves to be in the lane too!

I love your kids' expressions of delight... they always make me smile!

Maw and Paw said...

Both kiddos have just precious expressions on their faces! Thanks for sharing. Take care of you & Jason!

Susan said...

Honestly, your pictures are the most amazing, FUN pictures! And yes, I wish I could take Bubba to play skee-ball next. He makes it look like more fun than it is! Thanks for sharing another happy outing with the rest of us!