Thursday, October 14, 2010

attitude of gratitude fridays

I am about to board an airplane with the Hubs....
 yes we are getting away for the weekend!!!!
So, with that said I am doing my attitude of gratitude a day early.

I am grateful to that awesome young man that made a bet with his buddies.
They each picked out the "hottest" girl at the dance and
challenged each other to get their numbers.
Jason picked me!

What started out as a bet
turned into a first date at Disneyland
{not joking}
that turned into a friendship like no other
that turned into a wedding day 11 years ago
 that turned into Family!

Here's to an eternity with my best friend!!!!
 I love you so much!


the peine's said...

Oh! Happy Anniversary! I remember your day so cleary!!! Cheers

Naomi said...

Happy Anniversary! Love that last photo!

Simply Sara said...

awwww! so sweet.
happy anniversary. may you be blessed with many more years together!
enjoy your time away together!

p.s love the fun way you guys met :)

Palmyra said...

That is such a cool story! You are very pretty. My mom remembers you even though she only saw you once when Alex was given his baby blessing.
I love all your pictures, so beautiful.

Happy anniversary.