Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A lesson learned from my 10 year old self.

A little while back I received a friend request on Facebook from someone that I went to Elementary School with. In my OLD age ;) it took me a bit to remember who this friend was. This wasn't the friend that I had sleepovers with or went to the movies with on Friday night but it was a school friend. While I was wracking my brain I received a message from her {that I asked her permission to share with you all} it said..........

Hello stranger! I am way happy I seen you on FB. I know it has been a long time but, I cherish the memories you and I have,...(ok, they may be from Mr.Rabon's 4th grade Art's & Craft's)....but they still count...lol... You never know what a small good gesture will do for someone's soul... I will end in saying Thank you, in that class you made my spirit shine, through the bullies because you stood up for me and I will never forget that, (not sure if you remember) but I do and you continue to be a inspiration to me, you taught me at 10 years old, what I continue to teach my children today.


Susan said...

Whenever I learn that a child has been bullied, I wonder what the bully's parents are like and if they know their child is a bully. I never wonder what the bullied child's parents are like, or the parents of the children who stand up for them. Teaching children that bullying is wrong is one of the easiest and most important lessons a parent can teach their child. It affects their interactions with others for their entire lives and you've shown here just how long the impact of standing up to bullies lasts......also a lifetime.

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