Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The other day Regan was given a sweet gift. Bubba’s Ms. Sherrill’s daughter Ms. Melissa follows my sweet little munchkins on this blog. We have never met her but we have a special place in our hearts for her. I mean really, if she is anything like her Mom than she must be pretty wonderful. So, the wonderful Ms. Melissa was reading about Regan and her school woos and decided to pick her up a perfect little gift to lift her spirits and let her know that she is loved. {Come on… does it get any sweeter than that??} When we got home Regan wanted to rip the beautiful pink tissue paper out of her white and black girly gift bag. I told her to wait just a minute. “WHY!?!?!?!” then as I was running to grab my camera I responded by saying “I want to document this so that you can say thank you to Ms. Melissa!” She waited until I got my camera out of my bag and as soon as the saw my lens cap come off the paper started to fly.

Thank you Ms. Melissa for thinking of my sweet little girl :) 
This week has been hard on Bubba. The temperature has reached record highs and has been torture on his sweet little body. Monday I was called to pick him up early from school…. Seizures. Every day has been a battle to keep him healthy and well…. AND HAPPY.  Last night I noticed that his hair was starting to fall out of the back of his head. Hey, it got pretty long this time! So, I pulled out the clippers to even out his hair. There’s just something unappealing about a little boy with an old man hair falling out look… wink! So, it had to go. It was the LAST thing that he wanted to do. It was hot, he was tired, and his meds were starting to kick in. As I wrestled with him while I buzzed the remaining pieces of hair off of his head, Regan came over with her camera. “What are you doing Regan…. Come on Mommy is trying to cut Bubba’s hair.” Then with a smile she replied “Mommy I just wanted to document this.” What could I say; she is her mother’s daughter. I think she capture the moment perfectly…. I look hot and a sweaty mess, Bubba looks unhappy, and the unfocused nature of the pictures reminds me of how quickly I rushed to get it done. 

Here's to documenting every moment.... good or bad.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Week 39 • Chalk Photo Challenge

This week over at

The Theme is
I really don't think I need to explain this one! wink!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

HOT {with a side of peas and carrots}

Today was HOT!
You know that heat + Bubba= seizures
So, we did not go to Disneyland BUT we still wanted to play.
I took the kids to the mall where we had lunch, rode the train over
and over, went on quarter rides, and rode on the carousel.
{Daddy had to work}
I know I just wrote a post about these two and their sweet friendship but really....
they are like peas and carrots!
While they were on the train I had a woman lean over and tell me what
an amazing daughter Regan is. :)
Yes, she is pretty amazing but so is Bubba and the two of them together...
well, that's just perfection! wink!

Isn't it Fall????
To prove how hot it was....
Bubba was starting to act tired, which always makes me a little nervous.
Then after leaving the Mall, two block later I heard a Beep.
I thought it was the radio.
But then it happened again.
I looked down and saw that it was my dashboard.
My van was over heating!!!!
I have never had anything like this happen to me before.
I pulled into the gas station and did what anyone would do....
I called my father-in-law.
He came right to our rescue and helped us out.
Thank you PaPa!!!!!
Who knew that when they change you oil they don't check your water.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Their friendship makes my heart smile

This weekend we took it easy.
Bubba had some hard days, LOTS of seizures last week.
The best part of my weekend was watching these two together.
Last night we had finished eating our dinner but Bubba was still hooked up to his feed, Regan would not leave his side.
I was coming in and out of the dinning room putting the dishes in the dishwasher.
When I walked into see this.....
I asked Regan what they were doing and she said...
"Mommy can't you tell....
 Bubba is the King and I am the Queen and we are in our carriage!"
Bubba might not understand the games that Regan plays with him
BUT he does understand that she loves him and is his very best friend!
And so there she sat next to him for the rest of the time.
Their friendship makes my heart SMILE!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

{I take Pictures}

They say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

If this is true, which I think it is, I consider myself pretty lucky
 that my little girl wants to be like her Mommy.
She was so excited when I gifted her with my OLD point and shoot camera.
"Mommy I take Pictures.... like you!"
and boy does she ever take pictures......
{under the table}

{on the chairs}

{even paparazzi style}
 She is still learning and most of her shots come out blurry BUT she loves it!
She LOVES being on the other side of the camera and telling Mommy what to do...

"Mommy stand like this... NO LIKE THIS!!!"
"Mommy make a kissy face... NO LIKE THIS!!"
"Ok, now give me a SMILE!!!"

Oh, I LOVE that girl!!

Friday, September 17, 2010


Today went a little bit better.
{No tears}
She got to take Mommy and Daddy to school with her
AND a new pair of shoes!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My little butterfly

 Remember when we went HERE?
While we were there Regan picked out a fun treat.
It was a butterfly net that came with a certificate to get your own butterfly.
As soon as we got home that day we went on-line and entered in the code.
With in about six days we had our very own live larva delivered to our front door.
{forgot to get picture of larva)

Then we watched every day as they crystalized and made their cacoons.
When they had formed their cacoons we had to take them out of their jars and attach them to the net.
Yes.... it was a little ummmm... yucky.
So, we made Daddy do it!
Then we had to wait....
and wait for them to transform into...
beautiful butterflies.
After all five of our beautiful butterflies were out we enjoyed them for a few days
and then it was time to let them go.
Most of the butterflies were so excited to get out.
As soon as we walked outside they started going crazy in the net.
(can you find the butterfly in the picture below?)
BUT there was one sweet little butterfly that did not want to leave his home.
Jason got him out and he was just fine staying in his hands.
He did fly away with a little help.
My sweet little Regan is my own last little butterfly, the one that doesn’t want to leave. Last week she did so great with her first day of school. Then it happened, she got scared and cried EVERY day this week. I sat with her in her bed last night as she cried, pretty much a full on panic attack. I keep asking her if something happened at school… Was there someone that was mean to you?? We had a FHE the other week about bullying, so I felt confident that she would tell me if someone was bullying her at school. She reassured me that no one was being mean to her. Then I asked her if she liked her teacher. She loves her teacher. I kept asking questions hoping to start come kind of dialogue that would answer the question…What is going on??? What is your favorite thing to do at school?? Did you and BFF have a fight?? She told me that she didn’t like her new shoes. She doesn’t like having to worry about the shoe laces. Could it be that simple???? So, I told her that we would go shopping first thing after school today. She still sobbed in her bed as I held her.” What is wrong now” I asked her. “The problem…. Pause…. I miss you so much at school. I just want to stay home and play with you like we did all summer.” I squeezed her tight and then we talked about how special our summer was and how important it is to learn new things. I promised her that we would still do special things together…. “Don’t you remember that we went to Disneyland last weekend… we will still do LOTS of fun things together. I promise.” I reassured her that the “awkward” (her word) feeling in her tummy will go away. I told her that it might take some time getting used to being back at school but it will be OK.

This morning when I went to wake Regan up the first thing out of her mouth was “oh, Mommy my tummy is feeling awkward… I just can’t do it. I can’t go to school.” It breaks my heart to have to send her off knowing she is having such a struggle right now. When we arrived at school, she started to cry. Her teacher wrapped her arms around her and shoed me away.

Regan is that last little butterfly that doesn’t want to leave. She would be happy staying here with me until the day she I married. When we joke about College she will respond “I will only go to College if I get to live a HOME!!!!!” I have a feeling that her views on this will change in ten years. Wink! If she could she, just like the butterfly, would want us to hold her in our hands forever. This is the hardest part for me as a mother. I know that in order for her to grow and become her own sweet little person she needs to be set free.

Why is it so hard to watch my little butterfly struggle as she learns to fly?

Monday, September 13, 2010

This weekend I LOVED.....

Getting to spend time with my Kids here....
I LOVE Disney in the Fall.
{favorite decorations by far!!!}
I LOVE that we rode on Buzz light year right in front of Brittany Spears and
 "all her people" and that Regan had NO IDEA who she was!! :)
I LOVE that at lunch she wanted her VERY own HUGE corndog......
AND still wanted ice cream!!
{I didn't love that Daddy had to work and we missed him so much!}
I LOVE painting with this silly little boy!!!
He gets into his work!! wink!
I LOVE how hard Bubba can get this little girl to laugh when he is being silly!
I LOVE how hard she worked on Great Grandma Jo's birthday banner.

I LOVE that as soon as Daddy get's home this happens EVERY time!


I LOVE that it is starting to feel more like Fall and I can get away with wearing things like this.
I LOVE the new Tucker line at Target!!!!
I LOVE that Pa Pa will always bust out the bull horn becuase he knows it will make this little boy laugh!
I LOVED watching Bubba with Aunt C-C and Tio Max's dogs.
He LOVED it!

These are just a few things that I LOVED this weekend.
What did you love this weekend???