Monday, September 13, 2010

This weekend I LOVED.....

Getting to spend time with my Kids here....
I LOVE Disney in the Fall.
{favorite decorations by far!!!}
I LOVE that we rode on Buzz light year right in front of Brittany Spears and
 "all her people" and that Regan had NO IDEA who she was!! :)
I LOVE that at lunch she wanted her VERY own HUGE corndog......
AND still wanted ice cream!!
{I didn't love that Daddy had to work and we missed him so much!}
I LOVE painting with this silly little boy!!!
He gets into his work!! wink!
I LOVE how hard Bubba can get this little girl to laugh when he is being silly!
I LOVE how hard she worked on Great Grandma Jo's birthday banner.

I LOVE that as soon as Daddy get's home this happens EVERY time!


I LOVE that it is starting to feel more like Fall and I can get away with wearing things like this.
I LOVE the new Tucker line at Target!!!!
I LOVE that Pa Pa will always bust out the bull horn becuase he knows it will make this little boy laugh!
I LOVED watching Bubba with Aunt C-C and Tio Max's dogs.
He LOVED it!

These are just a few things that I LOVED this weekend.
What did you love this weekend???


Mandy said...

I loved being able to go away with my husband for our one trip alone together a year. He had his big cycling race. It was great to spend it with him and our friends. Can't wait until next year.

Katie said...

I loved going to a baptism up in Apple Valley and visiting old friends:)

The Story of us said...

I loved getting to to hear Elder L. Tom Perry talk at my Stake Conference ☺

Susan said...

I love that my 95 year old mother-in-law regained her lucidity and entertained, teased and loved my children in her hospital room while she finishes the last chapter of her life. Her joking and funny comments will be a lasting good memory of what could have otherwise been a tough time for us.
Your pictures are beautiful! The picture of Regan painting the banner has exquisite lighting. It should be entered in a photo contest! The picture of Bubba with the paint all over him is amazing as well. He's such a cutie! Thanks for sharing your blessings with us.

Denise said...

came over from chatting at the sky- so glad i did. what a delightful post.
cute outfit!

what did i love this weekend, serving white chocolate chip pancakes to my grandmother. she LOVED them.

Simply Sara said...

i loved staying in our jammies watching movies together as a family (the kids had the flu- didn't love that part! :)

your family is awesome.
bubba is adorable all painted.
and now i am craving a corn dog.