Wednesday, September 8, 2010

1St DaY oF ScHOol.......

I can't believe that it is THAT time of year again.
I LOVE and HATE it all at the same time.
I LOVE how exciting and NEW everything is.
I HATE how empty my house is.

Wow, my babies are starting to grow up.....
do you remember THIS??
Or maybe THIS???
They are both getting so BIG.... I just can't take it!!!
Does anyone know a good secret to keep them from growing up???
Well, until I am able to come up with some magic potion I guess I will just have to LET them grow up.
So, once again I stayed up the night before packing bags....
Making sure Regan had pencils, erasers, and everything she needed.
Then I moved on to packing Bubba a completely different bag... diaper, wipes, syringes, feeding tubes, doctor notes..etc.
I left them sitting by the front door ready to go.
I layed out there clothing, shoes, and hair bow {ummm... of course}.
Regan was so excited when she woke up.
She ran around the house shouting...
Bubba on the other hand did NOT want to wake up.
He had a HARD night last night.
So, I left him in bed sleeping and made Regan's breakfast.
She only ate one of the waffles I made her.
"Mommy, my tummy got full very fast today!"
I am sure that her nerves had something to do with it! wink!
I got the kids ready and then it was time for our annual front yard back to school picture op.
This year Bubba is a BIG 5th grader and Regan is a 1st grader!!
{I can't take it!!! ..... 5th grade really??}

Then it was time to head to school.
We dropped Regan off first.

She saw her BFF's from last year and just took off running.
Wait a minute.... doesn't she need me any more????

To make matters worse when I tried to get her to wave good bye to Bubba and me and I got this....
Yes, an "Oh MOM don't embarrass me!!!" wave.
Then it was time to take Bubba to his class.

To say that he was excited to see Mr. T and Ms. Sheryl would be an understatement.
They could not believe how BIG Bubba has gotten since his surgeries.
I stuck around for a while in the morning so that I could give him his feed in his button.
I will mosty likely be doing this a couple times a day for this week, until everything gets figured out with the school nurse.
When it was time for me to leave I was so excited to see this....
He was already in his walker and ready to be BIG man on campus! wink!

Then I met up with a friend for breakfast.....
She is an angel Mommy herself and I LOVE spending time with her.
{tried to get a pic BUT waiters don't seem to know how to steady my camera.. wink!}

Before I new it, it was time to head back to school and pick up my sweet Babies!
OH, I missed them!!!
I am going to have to get used to having a quite house again.
First I picked up Bubba and well.....

he was TIRED!!!!
He didn't stop ALL day!!

Then we went to pick up Regan....
and I was so excited to these sweet smiles!!!

First day of school interviews...

It turned out to be a wonderful first day of school for both kids!!!
Here's to a wonderful school year!


Foursons said...

Yay for good first days! Such a relief on a Mommy's heart when the kiddos come home happy. I love Bubba's backpack.

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful family! So glad they had a great first day!

Simply Sara said...

oh they are both so sweet!
glad their first days went well.

p.s if you end up getting that magic potion made, send some my way too :)

Susan said...

Great pictures!! And so neat to have a video on the first day of school! Easy to see that Bubba gets lots of love at school, too. Loved Regan's outfit—very fashionable!