Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First day of school.... Bring it on!!!!

It came. The first day of school came and some how I survived.

I know.. pretty amazing right... I didn't even cry!

On the way to school I looked back and saw my sweet babies sitting there all ready for school and I have to admit that I got a little teary eyed BUT I didn't cry.
It wasn't what I thought it was going to be at all. You see, I thought it would be hard to say good bye BUT I have already done that. It wasn't easy BUT it wasn't hard either. Now I realize that the good bye wasn't what I was dreading. It was what would come after the good bye. How do I handle this new phase "of me"? How do I balance my time between both my kids when one is so demanding? Well, I am not sure BUT I will figure it out.

So, here is how our day went.
We started with the typical pictures in the front yard.

We took Collin to his class first. He was beyond excited!!! He has the same teacher and wonderful aids that he had last year. So, when he saw his favorite aid Ms. Cheryl he couldn't stop smiling. I love his teacher Mr. T and the wonderful women that take care of him.
Then we were off to the kindergarten play ground to meet up with Regan's teacher Mr. Willie.
Regan was soooo excited when she saw Jacob, a friend from pre-school. The two of them sat together on the carpet on the front row. The ONLY ones that would sit on the front row might I add. wink!
Then it was time to say good bye and I did it! I turned around and walked out!!!
When I walked out I was so touched to see my little man already running all over the school!
Then it was time to pick the kids up from school.
Collin was TIRED.
The first day took a LOT out of him.
I interviewed Regan about her first day and I was so grateful to find out that she had already learned so much in the first day.
First she told me about her teacher.....

Then she told me about her new friends......

All in all it was a great first day of school!!!!!


Zurmely family said...

Well I'm glad you didn't get emotional because I did just reading your blog!! I have cried EVERY year with EVERY kid. Pathetic, I know... we'll just add on that I cry with my nieces and nephews, too.

Kenny said...

Congratulations! But you forgot to tell us what YOU did the whole time they were away!!

Coult said...
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Amy said...

I'm so glad that the first day went well for all of you! I know it will be hard to adjust to at first. But, I'm sure you'll find lots to do to occupy your time! ;)

Krista Jones said...

I LOVE the videos Julie! How adorable. "No Kissing 'Em!" How cute!!

Kristi said...

Looks like the first day was pretty successful! And yay for you for not crying...although does it really matter if you cry? I don't think it does. I say no shame in shedding some tears, haha! Collin looked SO happy, that is just priceless.