Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Love has no boundaries!!

Isn't he just the cutest, sweetest little thing! Oh, how my arms just ache to hold him!

Who is this?

This is Kai, he is my newest nephew!!! My AMAZING sister and her wonderful husband made the decision to adopt when they were told how many problems they were running into with getting pregnant. I will never forget the night when she called me and told me to go and look at his picture. I WAS IN LOVE. I mean, come on... how you can you not just melt when you see that smile. They contacted the agency and told them that he was their little boy!!!
When my sister was here for her thirtieth birthday we were celebrating more than her birthday. They were finally able to turn in the paper work to get the process started to get him home to us in America!!!
(Here they are celebrating after the e-mail went through at her b-day breakfast.)
Now we know that sweet little Kai will be with his Mommy and Daddy before Thanksgiving!!! We will all have so much be to very thankful for this year!!!
The reason that I am writing this post about this amazing little boy and his amazing parents... well, they could use your prayers. Kai under went his first surgery yesterday (or at least we think... updates are slow coming from China.) As you can tell by his beautiful crooked smile, as Regan calls it, he will need many surgeries. Yesterday was the first step in a long road in his sweet little life. Please pray for him and for his awesome parents who are very worried about him.
Oh, did I mention that in the process my sister became pregnant!!! Yes, their sweet family is growing by leaps and bounds!.... Miracles do happen!


Kristi said...

What an awesome story!! I love that she is pregnant too! I can't wait to see updates of the little guy.

Erin said...

Wow that is awesome!

Randi said...

Prayers, absolutely! What a guy!!

Jenny said...

Tell Nancy congrats for me, SO happy for them and their TWO miracles on the way!!

Michael and Amy said...

Amazing..that is so awesome!!

Kristi said...

This is a great story, their family is going to be so full of love and joy, just so soon! So awesome!