Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Just thought you should know.....

(Disclaimer: This is not directed at anyone personally so please don’t take it that way. Well, unless you were the guy on the bike... wink!)

Just so you know…..

1. My son’s disabilities are not contagious. No, really there not…. So, it is ok if your child comes up and says hi to him.
2. If Bubba is seizing and vomiting in public, you don’t have to look at him in disgust. Hey, you could even grab a couple napkins and bring them over if you felt daring.
True story: We were sitting in the Ikea food court enjoying our treats and waiting for Jason to pick up our purchases from the pick up area . Then it happened… Collin started seizing and vomiting ALL over the place. I normally carry towels with me just in case. On this particular day I did not. So, I was panicking and kept sending Regan over to get me more napkins. Then I looked up and saw a mother with her two children looking at Collin and I with such a look of disgust. Ok, yeah it’s not a pretty sight but really… really… I mean come on …you are a mom you should get it . Well, you would think so. No such luck she just continued to STARE in disgust as I struggled to clean Collin and keep him breathing all by myself.
3. Please bare with my sweet little daughter if she yells at you or your children.
True story: While we walking through Target , the best store in the WORLD.. Wink, Regan starts shouting “ I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE STARE AT BUBBA JUST BECAUSE HE IS A HANDICAPER!!! THEY DON’T GET IT!!!!!!!!!!” I pulled her aside and asked her if she saw someone staring at Collin to which she replied “Yeah, he’s lucky I didn’t punch him.” (Yes, we are working on this.)
4.It is ok to ask questions…. It is GREAT to acknowledge him.
True Story: while we were bowling the other night the woman beside us asked Collin his name. As I always do, I answered for him and told her his name. Then she continued to ask HIM what school he went to. I again answered for him and she smiled at him and asked another question. He smiled at her and appreciated the attention that he was getting. I appreciated the fact that this woman took the time talk to him.
5. If you run into my son’s wheel chair with your bicycle it is only appropriate that you stop and ask if he is ok.
True Story: Today while the kids and I where walking out of one of my favorite ribbon stores a man, ridding VERY fast on the side walk, hit Collin with his bike. Did he stop to ask if he was ok… or even say sorry… NO!!! He just kept on going!!!! I did something that I have never done before and I have to admit I will be repenting later for it. When we drove past him down the road I rolled down my window and shouted out “What kind of man are you to hit a little boy in his wheel chair and not even say sorry!!!!” Yes, I am working on anger issues with Regan…. And myself.. Wink!
6. To all of you strong men that have asked if I need help loading Collin’s HEAVY wheelchair in the back of my van….. THANK YOU!!!
True Story: While Great Grandma Jo, the kids and I were heading out of Target , Yes, the best store in the WORLD, a very sweet Samoan came running across the parking lot to ask if I would like help putting Collin’s chair it into the back of my van. Thank you to my sweet Samoan stranger!!!
7. It is just drool… really it wont hurt you. It washes out.
8.If I break down in tears it is ok….. As strong as I would like to think I am…. I DO BREAK DOWN. I think it is important to break down every once in and while. The key is to make it short and sweet and then pull yourself back together. So, if you see me on one of my broken days… don’t worry. No, seriously please don’t worry because the last thing I want to have to do is worry about how you are worrying about me… wink!!!
9. Most important….. Don’t pity my little boy. He is someone to admire, not pity.


Randi said...

What wonderful comments, Julie. I so enjoyed talking with Collin on Sunday. And loved it when he pulled me down and gave me a kiss. I love that little boy so much. And Regan doesn't have anger issues. She has protective issues. Unfortunately, there are a lot of jerks out there. Now if I'd been there, I probably would have knocked the jerk off his bike. Talk about anger issues....

Kenny said...

Hey, I miss you! Do you want to play tomorrow night (or day)?

EvaMarieva said...

SO true! Regan is just a great sister. We need more people who will stand and speak for others who can't ;)

Kara said...

Like so many I love reading your blog. It's absolutely beautiful and you inspire all of us. Now... if you feel the need to repent over your comment to the bike man then I'm in big do-do. I'm pretty sure I would have swerved my car ever so slightly just to see how he liked it. I guess I'm still working to over come the whole "eye for an eye" thing!!! There's a reason you are the woman raising Regan and Collin. They deserve you as you deserve them.

The Gray Family said...

Collin IS an inspiration (as is his mommy!). And I love that Regan has that fire in her to stand up for her big bro :>)

Anonymous said...

Bike suck.

And I already have enough issues with bike riders as it is!
They never pedal fast enough when you are behind them.
They ride in re-donk-ulously large numbers.
They wear silly outfits.
And now they are doing wheelchair hit and runs?!

Jenny said...

"he's lucky I didn't punch him!" ...I love your daughter!!

Guy on the bike- total jerk! I wouldn't have been so nice either!

Bivens Family said...

Thank you....for being you! You have a great spirit...I can feel it all the way in TEXAS!

Brian and Kara said...

You were a lot nicer to the guy on the bike than I would have been! The nerve of some people. Glad there were some good true stories in there.

Btw, Addie says thanks for the bows. They look great!

Michelle said...

I loved reading this post. You have such an awesome way of expressing your feelings with words. Love you, sis.

Jackie said...

Ummmm, you think you need to repent for yelling at the guy? I would have run him over a few times with the van. Thanks for this beautiful list Julie. I will make sure and speak to a person with a disability even if they cannot respond.

suzy's jewels and gem said...


Kristi said...

I know that it must be hard to be on the receiving end of such behavior. Some people are just rude and ignorant. I honestly can't believe the woman who stared at your while Collin was vomiting...I would have yelled at her! I don't personally feel that you should repent for what you yelled to the man on his bike...I would have said far worse, haha! And good for Regan to be such a defending little sister...although I know you feel like you need to help her work on yelling at people. But I'm not her parent so I say GO REGAN! Haha ;) Hugs to you all.