Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Photo esay.

Our Thanksgiving started with us deciding at the last minute to go to Denny's for breakfast. (This is the only place that Collin will do ok in. He loves the big windows!) I threw my Mary Grey cheesie potatoes in the crock pot and we were out the door.

Then it was off to Nana and PaPa's house for Thanksgiving dinner with the rest of the family. It was wonderful!

There was LOTS of playing with cousins in the back yard!

Then it was time for the TALENT SHOW!!!

Regan preformed Hannah Montana and did a ballet performance. Jason and his family preformed a family tradition of Daddy's nose.

The grand kids sang were so glad when PaPa comes home.....

Uncle Bryan played the guitar....

Nana and PaPa sang Leavin' on a jet plane as the final number. It was LOTS of fun. (There was a ton that I didn't show... the kids could have gone on FOREVER! wink!)

Presley Family Thanksgiving 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Today I am thankful for Disney Land (& cousins!)

Today I am thankful for Disney Land. I know I have talked about it before but Disney land holds a special place in our hearts!!! Not only is it Collin's favorite place to go BUT it is where Jason and I went on our very first date! Jason bought me a season pass. Yes, I was pretty surprised by that. He latter told me that he did it because he knew it would lock in at least a couple more dates! wink! Disney Land is the best pain medication that we have ever tried on Collin. Trust me we have tried TONS of meds and Disney is the best! So, today I am thankful that Disney Land is just a short drive away and that is has brought so much joy into our lives! Here are some pics with Jason's fam from yesterday... enjoy!

Monday, November 24, 2008

I am Thankful for bunnies and ducks!

All of Jason's family is in town this week for Thanksgiving/ family reunion. Yesterday after Church we decided to go over to LBCC to feed to the bunnies then we went over to the park to feed the ducks. It was so much fun!!! Who would have thought that something so simple and so cheap could bring such big smiles to kid's faces! Today I am thankful for bunnies and ducks.

I am Thankful for....

I am thankful for friends! This is Karen she moved into our ward a while ago and we hit it off right away. I LOVED having a "non mom: friend. I could text her at the last minute and she didn't have to find a babysitter. Oh, that is wonderful! wink! Well, they moved and we are sad!:( I was supposed to go out with her on Friday BUT Jason got held up at work. So, I had to call and cancel. I was very happy when she showed up at my front door with all of the fixing's for ice cream Sundays! OK, I think Regan was even more excited! She was on a sugar high for hours! wink!!! Thank you! We love you and will miss you!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Tody I love....

Today I LOVE....

Sweet little girls in a Tu Tu.

I have been making Tu Tu's for all of the little girls in Jason's family. Next week they are having a family reunion and it will be fun to see all of those little cuties running around in them! You know that I will have my camera ready! wink!

(FYI: For anyone that would want to win a Tu Tu for your own little Diva or a present for one that you know... stay tuned. Next week I will be having a couple of give aways. I have neglected my ESTY shop. So, I have been busy making LOTS of fun new things for it. To kick it off I will be having give aways!!! )

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Today I love!

Today I LOVE....

Best Buddies!
This is Collin's Buddy from school. He loves him so much. So, when I walk in to their class room and see this... well, how can you not smile!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My litle Rock Star!

Saturday I took the kids to the mall to waste some time while Daddy was gone. We started making our rounds. OK, is it just me or is it crazy that Santa is already in the mall??? Of course Regan gave him her list so he would have plenty of time to work on it. When we went to get some lunch we noticed that there was a big crowd so we had to find out what was going on. They were filming a music video. We asked the body guard who it was and he told me that it was the star from iCarly. So, my niece has since gotten on to me but I had no idea who that was. We typically stay with the Disney channel. Anyways the sweet girl saw us talking the her body guard and came over and started talking to Collin. She was very sweet. I just feel bad that I had NO idea who she was. So, it gets even better. When we got home Regan put on her rock star clothing and started asking all of us... "Do you want to take a picture of me?" I pulled out my camera to humor her but no that was not enough. She then insisted that I needed to get in the picture with her. "Don't you want to take a picture with me. Oh, is that your little kid what is his name?" She is just to fun! The rest of the afternoon she put on LOTS of shows. She is ALWAYS making me laugh!! I love this age and stage. Regan tells me that she is going to be a STAR some day! OH, I just LOVE my private shows. I couldn't take it if she preformed for anyone else! wink!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

What is your normal?

Yesterday I had so much fun in a very “normal” way. I often ask myself… “What is normal?” Our family and our situation may not be your “typical” family BUT it is our “normal”. Yesterday I had the opportunity to have a wonderful normal moment. A couple weeks ago Regan’s teachers asked if I would come on their field trip with them. I was very flattered seeing as how I was the only parent invited. I am often in the classroom volunteering. So, I know all of the children in her class. I told the teacher that I would LOVE to go with them BUT I just had to worn her that I am an unreliable person, not by choice but rather by circumstance. So, I was ecstatic when I realized that Collin was feeling well and I was going to be able to go with Regan on her very first field trip to the Aquarium. It was so much fun to see a different side of “normal”. The only other experience that I have had with field trips is with Collin’s class. So, to see children so excited to ride on the bus for the first time was so sweet. Their faces lit up when the bus started to move and they all said that it felt like they were on a rollercoaster. When we were at the Aquarium it was so fun to have the children describe the fish to me and see the amazement in their eyes as the big fish swam by. Oh, it was just so much fun, exhausting, but fun!

After the field trip I went back to my “normal”. I picked up my little boy and loaded his heavy, “normal”, wheel chair into the back of my van. Then we got home and it was “normal” for me to change my eight year olds diaper. Then feed my sweet little eight year old baby jar food. My normal with him does not include words describing things to me or telling me how much he loves me. It is just the opposite. My normal with Collin is drool, smiles, grunts, tears, and laughter. My “normal” is Regan telling me what he is saying and her describing how she loves her handicapper brother. My “normal” is sleepless nights, early mornings, lots of medication administering, hugs and cuddles, trying to comfort and explain to Regan what is going on, trying to find a balance between giving Regan a fun “normal” childhood despite her limitations because of her sweet brother and his allergy to the sun.

Now, you might be asking why is she going on and on about “normal”? Ok, I will get to my point. Yesterday with all of those sweet little children was amazing! I have to admit though as wonderful as yesterday was going with Collin’s class to the bowling alley and watching their faces as they were able to push a ball down the lane was pretty awesome. You could see such pride and happiness. The smiles on their faces were endless. So, it bring me to my question “What is normal?” Both sets of children had a blast in such different ways. Both sets of children lead VERY different lives. Both sets of children enjoyed every second of something new. So, to answer my question…. I don’t know if there is such a thing as “normal”. I think that there are differences every where we look BUT there are also so many similarities we just need to take the time to find them. I love MY NORMAL! What is your normal?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What a fun Disney Veterans Day!

Happy Veteran's Day to my Dad, brother, and all of the other wonderful men and women that have severed our country! The kids had the day off of school so Jason decided to take the day off and play with us. It was a wonderful day filled with LOTS of smiles, hugs, laughs, and shoulder rides from Daddy. I LOVE good days and ever second of family fun. Good days + great smile = wonderful memories!!!!!