Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's Marathon time!!!

Dear Friends and Family, It is that time of year again!!
We are so honored to be working with and fundraising for such a wonderful organization like Ability First. Collin goes to day camp at Ability First and LOVES all of the staff and wonderful people that work with him. It is a "safe" place for him to go and enjoy being a kid! They have an indoor pool, outdoor covered patios, computers, and other amazing actives that allow him to be included in everything!!
We are so grateful for the love and support that we have received from each one of you over the years. Thank you for supporting us in this change of charities in our fundraising efforts. This will be our fourth year doing this as a family and we LOVE it! If you would like to join us please come on!!! This year we have made it easier for you. You can donate to Collin's fundraising efforts by simply going to this web site.

We would be grateful if you would like to pass this link on to others that you may feel would be interested in supporting our family in our effort.
Thank you,
Julie, Jason, COLLIN, and Regan

Friday, January 18, 2008


The other day someone was talking to Collin and Regan. The woman started asking Collin what his name was... Then my sweet little Regan chimed in with a "Bubba can't talk but he can smile!" Talk about a proud momma! This stranger and I both got teary eyed.... Just had to share!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

It's the little things!

It's the little things....

Like knowing that Collin can be up in pain all night but then the joy of touching some blades of grass can just make his day!

.......That a few ducks and a bag of old popcorn can make a little girl smile from ear to ear!

.... that a Daddy's is not match to two little kids!

.... that the perfect tree for climbing out weighs the scratches and dirty pants it took to get up it!
....... that a smile will always speak for itself.
It's the little things that get me through the long nights and hard days. Aren't the little things just great!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

A couple of things that I just have to post about!

Wow, I am just amazed by how people can be so caring and big hearted!!!! Today Collin and Regan received a package in the mail from Tim Devine. We met Tim and his sweet little family last summer. Tim is Ray's, my sister's husband, good friend. There was a huge line for Nemo and we asked them to join us. Since Collin is a Make A Wish kid he doesn't even have to wait in the disability lines. Ray and Tim enjoyed Nemo more than the kids! wink! They took a million pictures!wink! Anyways, we parted ways shortly after the ride but Collin made an impact on him. It is amazing how Collin can do that! So, this brings me to today. Tim takes AMAZING Disney photographs and they sell for a good amount of money. Well, he sent Collin a picture of the light parade that just made his day!!!! He also sent Regan a beautiful picture of Cinderella's castle. She is already planning where it will go in her room! wink! Tim also sent Collin buttons to put on his wheel chair shade. THANK YOU!!!!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!! I think we know what to get Collin for Christmas from now on... a Tim Devine original!

Tim also made Collin a video of the light parade pictures (Collin's all time favorite Disney attraction!!) put to the music of the parade. Ok, I stepped away for just a minute and this is what I came back into see! I don't know how he did it but he climbed on top of his desk. I think he must have had a little help from a wonderful sister! wink! I just love it! Look at him trying to jump into the his computer screen to be at the parade!! I love it!

This is another thing that I just have to post about. Regan got a gift card from Brooke for Christmas and I took her to build a bear before we went to OKC. This was the sweetest and one of the proudest mommy moments. Regan shrilled in excitement when she saw that they had a wheel chair for her doll! It was so sweet. How many 3 years old get excited about wheel chairs???? She wanted pink kitty to have a wheel chair just like bubba!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Girls Weekend in Oklahoma!

We had a blast this weekend! Aunt Nancy flew Regan and I out for our Christmas present. She knows that I have a hard time leaving Collin behind since he can not travel BUT also knew I needed a girls weekend. So, for Christmas she bought Regan and I plane tickets to fly out to her new house in Oklahoma!! (They were non-refundable so she made sure there wouldn't be any backing out!)wink!!

We crammed so much in our couple of days with everyone! We had so much fun! We scrapped booked!.......

Goofed around with cousins!.....

Went to Build a bear!.......

Painted some pottery at this cute little place!.....

We had LOTS of yummy food all weekend! Forget diets! This weekend was off limits to any complainents about calories or how much we ate!! We ate out at several wonderful restaurants, Aunt Nancy made her famous Mickey waffles, and we baked sugar cookies and decorated them!! YUM YUM!!

Three of the Toye kids!!! (excuse how bad I look... we were getting ready to fly home. Comfort took precedence over style.. wink!)

The hardest part was saying good bye! Then when we were at our lay over in Phoneix we got stuck there for hours!!!! Regan and I had a pic nick, Regan put on a show for everyone that would watch (yes, I have it on video), and we watched movies!

We had so much fun! Thank you Aunt Nancy and Uncle Ray y'all are awesome!!! We love you!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Enjoying some Christmas presents!!

Regan and her new Katie doll in their matching dresses all ready for Church!!

Collin LOVES balls and he got TONS of them for Christmas!

Collin's Christmas present from Nana and PaPa was a family membership to the L.A. and Santa Ana zoos! He loves being out (as long as the weather will let him!) Thank you! We have already gone once since Christmas!

Collin got this awesome car seat as one of his Christmas presents! He was out growing his old car seat and still needed one with a four point harness since he can not hold himself up well enough for a booster. Well, this thing is great! This will last him a very long time! (Until he is 80 pounds!) Thank you Poppie, Nana and Papa, and Great Grandma Jo! We love you!
I was wanting to update about new years as well BUT Collin is having a hard day and does not want to let me do much of anything. So, I will just end with these fun pictures of some of the wonderful Christmas presents that we are enjoying!! Thank you and we love you all!

Christmas fun!

We had LOTS of fun this Christmas! Christmas Eve was at our house this year and everyone came over to enjoy food, the Christmas story, and yes even a visit from you know who.. Santa!

Regan was very excited and proud of the gifts that she bought everyone this year. She took her very own money that she saved and went to the 99cent store. With list in hand she very carefully thought each present out. It was very sweet! She was so excited to see everyone oped her gifts!

Christmas morning was so much fun! Regan got her big girl bike that she has been asking for from Santa and Collin got a music/mirror toy.

We enjoyed talking to my dad on our new web cam! It was so fun to have my dad all the way in Texas be a part of our Christmas morning!

After opening presents at our house we went to Jason's parents house. There we opened more presents, the kids played, and of course the boys had to play risk! Regan, Nana, and Tio Max enjoyed playing the the candy land dvd game!